Meet the in-laws, part 2

The big day dawned bright and hot and sunny. One of the traditions in Croatia when it comes to celebrating weddings is that all the family and friends come to the house before the wedding mass, where there's a buffet style spread, lots of drinks, and lots of mingling. We'd booked a full size coach ...

Meet the in-laws, part 1

I've long thought that weddings can get a bit weird sometimes, with SO much planning and thought going into what's often touted as "the biggest day of your life", when at the end of the day it's really mostly about the party and the celebrations more than it ever seems to be about the actual ...

What happened when I finally embraced, put on weight, and stopped giving a f**k.

It happened on a floating pontoon. The moment, the lightbulb, the big realisation. It was right after I gave my family an impromptu salute to the sun yoga demo, while wearing a swimsuit and at my heaviest in over a decade, on a pontoon floating on the Adriatic Sea, that I had THE moment of ...

Popping in and flying out

It always feels a bit weird when I don't blog for a little while, and by little while I generally mean anything over a few weeks. I always insist that when you really love to do something you somehow make time for it, but lately I have proven myself wrong on that, because there's been ...

All the stuff.

Something happened to me recently and I still don't even know exactly what it was. One minute I'm online shopping and trying to cram yet another new frock into an already overstuffed closet and the next the whole idea of more stuff was repellant. I'm not talking about minimalism, but seemingly out of nowhere I've ...

OOTD :: pretty little details

Give me black, give me a pretty cotton lace trim, and pair it with billowing sleeves with an elasticised cuff and I'm in. Since I firmly subscribe to the shopping school of show me what I really need not what I actually came in for, I couldn't resist this black dress. Not something I need ...

I get up again

*This post was in the drafts folder when I found out that Brian Henry Hooper had succumbed to his illness exactly one week after the benefit gig. Rest in peace Brian, and thanks for all the incredible music. My sincerest condolences go out to all of his family, friends, and bandmates. So right before the ...

OOTD :: Great jeans need great tops

When you find yourself with an amazing pair of black jeans you need some great tops to go with them. Give me ten minutes and point me towards my favourite store and you can guarantee I'll walk out happy, and that's exactly what I did last week. Ten minutes only though because I had Mr ...

OOTD :: When you really {don’t} need another pair of black jeans…

It can be like searching for the holy grail, looking for that perfect pair of jeans. And way more important than the pain involved in finding the perfect swimsuit because let's face it, a good pair of jeans will get a lot more air time than any swimsuit no matter how perfect it is. Naturally, ...

This one goes out to 2234.

Living in a bushfire prone area brings with it a certain reality. Regular hazard reduction burns along with real and dangerous threats to the community when bushfires do get out of hand go hand in hand with Santa driving down the street in a fire truck on Christmas Day handing out lollies. The day we ...

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