A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self.

Dear Ana,

Hey there cool chick! Yes, I do mean you.

Just to really freak you out, this is a letter from yourself aged 38. I have decided that there are a few important things I think you might like to know.

The first thing I really want you to know is that you should always follow your gut feeling. So if you have different interests to all your friends (and we both know you do), want to do your own thing and don’t care what anyone thinks of you, then you should go with it. By the way, and I know you would never believe it, but your attitude is pretty punk. Really.

Now don’t stop reading, but I have to say that Mum is actually right about some things. Like: your natural hair colour really does suit you the best, don’t go crazy on your eyebrows because one day they WILL NOT GROW BACK, you ARE pretty (just going through an awkward stage which she will never admit to), you are not fat, friends are important, and one day you will agree with her about all of this (no, you don’t go insane in the future).

Also, and I know you won’t listen, but you should make more of an effort at school. You will continue to cruise and still get good grades, but with just a bit of extra effort you could kick ass on your HSC. I would also recommend you seriously think about studying midwifery (now and not in 20 years time), because as gross as it seems, there will come a time when you will wish you could spend your days catching babies. I know, nuts, huh?

Don’t waste time sweating the usual teenage dramas, like hair, clothes, braces, and pimples. Your skin is great, the braces will come off to reveal awesome pearly whites, stick with your simple clothes (you are still wearing black jeans now, and no regrets later when the 80’s are best forgotten), and stop actually ironing your hair on the ironing table because if you are patient then staightening irons will keep getting better and you will end up trying them all. So take it easy on the frizz, it won’t go anywhere for a while.

I want you to know that the friends who drain so much energy are not worth the bother. Out of your circle of seven or eight friends, only two or three are true friends. Unfortunately you will let the poisonous ones tarnish the rest by association. So while I would urge you to cherish those few good ones, you will deliberately lose touch with every single one of them. Even though through the invention of a thing called facebook you will find some of them again, there will be a couple of moments where you miss one or two friendships that may have been.

So, on to the subject of boys. Not that there will be a lot of them for you, and none of them will be called Sebastian, Axl, Jon or Nikki. Sorry. But in about a year you will meet the guy you will marry (and bonus, he has long hair, plays guitar in a band, and is HOT!). Now please keep in mind that 18 year old guys ARE NOT BOYFRIEND MATERIAL. (Very important to remember when he wants to spend the night drinking with his friends and not watch videos at home with you). He will never reply to all your letters (so stop nagging), but he will write you some awesome poetry and will talk to you on the phone all day and all night. Now I won’t give you a heart attack by telling you when you will actually get married and have kids, but I am happy to say you will both follow your instincts, freak everyone out and never have any regrets.

Now just a quick word about your “body issues” (don’t worry, buzz words of the future). First and foremost: YOU ARE NOT FAT. I promise. Would I lie to you? You are actually thin. I know it’s not a word either one of us would ever associate with ourselves, but it’s true. And when you discover those black size 10 jeans next year you are gonna look hot. So please do me a favour, hold your head up high, stop hunching down (that’s right: stick your chest out because, trust me, you can’t hide them, pretty soon you will even like them, and they will never look better), and SMILE! You have a beautiful smile so share it round.

Most of all I want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. You are one of the lucky ones.

With all my love and affection,


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