Holiday Fun.

So school holidays have begun.

I know this because suddenly my teenagers start to surface at lunchtime and the first sentence out of their mouths usually starts with “today I need you to…”

It started a day early when I spent an enjoyable (not) couple of hours at the motor registry with Mister Seventeen yesterday for his driving test. (Incidentally he failed, for small things like head checks and not looking behind him as he reversed. Better than his mother, I failed my first attempt because I didn’t know how to turn the wipers and A/C on. Sad but true). Then later that afternoon in the middle of cooking dinner I had to drive Mister Sixteen up to the shops to pick up some paperwork for his new job.

Today saw us dropping off said paperwork, after going to the bank and opening up a bank account for the newly employed young man. Then it was money for a haircut, drop off’s, parent teacher interviews, and a trip to Big W for Mister Three who has had his eye on the big toy sales and NEEDED a Power Rangers Samurai Sword.

Did I mention it’s still only the first day?

And somewhere in there I need to decide what’s for dinner. And do I need to go back to the shops for it.

Did I also mention we are going overseas in two weeks? And I’m not ready.

So along with the usual school holidays refrain of “I’m-bored-there’s-nothing-to-do”, I need to make sure I have everything in order before we leave.

And Miss Thirteen wants a farewell with her friends. And a sleepover.

I need to get my hair done. And go to the accountant. Another driving test for Mister Seventeen.

Morning tea with the girls. My Mum’s birthday. Lunch guests this weekend. Dinner guests next weekend.

And a Christening we would love to go to ON THE DAY WE LEAVE.

I have clothes to pack. Gifts to buy. Cars to register. Not to mention the ever present clothes waiting to be washed/ironed/put away.

So what am I doing?

I’m writing this.

Did I mention it’s still only the first day?

  1. I’m exhausted for you, lol 🙂


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