The Perils Of Packing

We have hit the home stretch. There are only seven days until we head off on holidays. We’ll escape a so far bone-numbing Sydney winter and land smack bang in the middle of a scorching Dalmatia blistering through a HOT summer.

I had finally started getting excited, and was almost giddy at the thought of lying on the beach with the sun warming my bones.

Until I started packing.



I have been overseas for extended holidays before, but I have never had so much trouble packing my suitcase. Miss Thirteen’s bag is packed and ready, and six kilos under the maximum weight. Mister Three’s clothes take up so little room it’s hilarious. Don’t get me started on my husband though: he hasn’t even thought about packing, and when I offered to pack for him he said he wouldn’t have anything left to wear this week. (Wtf?)

I tallied up the number of dresses I planned to pack. TWENTY FOUR. Yes that’s right, twenty-four dresses of varying lengths and styles, covering EVERY conceivable occasion (even one for a funeral). Then there were a few skirts, a couple of pairs of shorts, tops, swimmers, underwear, and I haven’t yet rounded up all the hair, makeup, and toiletry supplies. Plus of course shoes. Which every woman knows you need a few pairs. Flats, thongs, wedges, heels. You know, shoes to match all of those dresses. I’m guessing if I had packed everything I wanted to take I could easily have made it to about thirty kilos. So keeping in mind the airline limit of twenty-three kilos per person, packing attempt number one put me at nineteen. That was without any gifts or underwear, and no toiletries/hair/makeup. For attempt number two I removed a pair of heels, added the gifts, some underwear, and I came in at twenty!

Last night while I was lying in bed unable to fall asleep because my brain was churning with the agony of how I am going to take everything I need with me, I had (what I thought) was the BRILLIANT idea of using space bags! You know those big plastic bags which you fill with clothes, suck the air out , and end up with an almost flat package. So here I was thinking that attempt three worked like a charm. It sucked those clothes right into near-nothingness. The problem? The weight stayed the same (der). It just gave me MORE space to fill up with stuff which would send the weight of the case into weightlifting territory.

My fourth and final attempt for the night had me putting TEN dresses, one skirt, and two tops back in the closet (shudder). All those pretty full-skirted retro dresses take up a surprising amount of room. So then I put the heels back in. I also threw in some undies and bra’s, and I mean threw, because by this stage I was LOSING MY SHIT. So I concede defeat for now. I know I have a ton of makeup and hair stuff still to pack. So I’m coming over all Scarlet O’Hara: I’ll think about it tomorrow.

But you know what I’m thinking right now as I read this back? That maybe, just maybe, it would be more of a holiday WITHOUT all the makeup. And hair products. And heels. Maybe all I really need is a few dresses, some swimmers, a couple of pairs of shoes, and a beach towel. Exactly how vain am I?

And how ridiculous is it that THIS is what I am worrying about?

So no more sleepless nights. I have decided (just this minute in fact) that I will pack in order of importance. Minimal makeup, medications, minimal hair stuff (shampoo, conditioner, Moroccan Oil), one pair each of flats, wedges, and thongs, underwear, swimmers, gifts for our beautiful cousins, and finally whatever clothes fit (in the case and weight-wise).

I feel better now.

But if you have any tips I would love to hear them 😉


  1. I always overpack – so my trick is to pick a suitcase or bag first and then not let myself bring anything that doesn’t fit. (I admit sometimes I cheat by stuffing extras in my purse or diaper bag, which I reason are separate bags and therefore don’t count) but usually it works! 🙂


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