Modern Day Addiction

Hi, my name’s Ana and I think I’m an addict.

My addiction?

Social media.

You see in the midst of all the travel preparations there has been one persistent thought weaving in and out of my mind, haunting me with just how obsessed I may be.

It sounds something like this:

“No instagram. No twitter. No facebook. No tumblr. No pinterest.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited about our family holiday, and there is a part of me which is looking forward to being footloose and tech-free. Kind of like going back in time to when not everyone had a mobile phone and even then they were mainly used for making and receiving calls (wtf?). To be honest I will probably buy a prepaid SIM over there, but only to make plans with the family and friends over there. No data. No online.

I dare say I need the time out. It certainly starts to feel like an addiction when I can’t seem to sit down to a meal without wanting to share a photo of it on instagram. Or whenever Mister Three does something funny I want to share it on facebook. Or checking my phone FIRST THING EVERY MORNING for all the notifications, updates, posts, and tweets that I missed overnight. And what exactly have I missed while I slept? Nothing. (Well maybe the odd celebrity divorce, but that stays in the news for days, so no chance of missing out).

So how serious is this? Are we devoting so much time and energy to virtual relationships that we are neglecting the flesh and blood ones around us? My husband for one has never understood the appeal of something like facebook, and only got into twitter to follow his favourite bands and artists and never miss another gig. So how does it work with me loving it all and him not? I guess like with so many other things we compromise. I don’t hang around on social media when we are spending time together, and I don’t take my laptop up to bed (not unless there’s a blog post I REALLY need to publish). For his part he thinks it’s hilarious to tweet me when we are in the same room, usually when I’m busy cooking dinner. I do think that it’s important to keep family time for family. Our television is always switched off as soon as dinner is ready, and all phones are put on silent. No notifications, no beeps, no temptations. So I have to say that I think this holiday will be a good thing for me. Time to stop over sharing with people I can’t see and lots of time to enjoy the company of people I treasure and don’t see often.

And honestly? I dare say no-one will miss my earth shattering wit or amateur photography.

And I just have to ask: how addicted are YOU?

  1. That was good mum 🙂 now you can’t tell me off for being on my laptop all the time, when the truth is your just as much a victim to technology as i am, and we both know it.


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