She’s Alive!

Hi all! Just thought I might drop in with a quick hello. Here I am in beautiful warm Zadar, in central Dalmatia. We’re nearly halfway through our family holiday, lazily passing the days with lots of great food, wine, and beaches.

I have been a very good girl, keeping right away from the online world, and honestly not missing anything. I have been tempted to blog a bit, but it will all keep for another time. I have been instagram-ing photos for the folks back home though. That’s all.

Believe it or not I way over-packed (tongue firmly in cheek). All the pretty going-out dresses are mostly untouched, and the casual comfy every day ones are getting a workout. Barely any make-up has left it’s case, and the ghd has been pretty bored. What is tempting me though is the shopping: great clothes and shoes and INSANE prices.

Mister Three probably didn’t need to bring any clothes at all. The dude has been walking around the place in his undies. He also has the cutest tan lines, brown little body and a snowy white bum.

I have to say I am not missing anyone or anything back in Sydney, but I do so wish a few of you could be here 😉

There will have to be an entire post dedicated to the amazing food here, and probably another about the beautiful cities and landscapes.

For now it’s ciao from here, and see you in sydney in september.

xoxo Ana.

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