A Letter To Toshiba

Dear Toshiba,

I am writing you an open letter because I thought you should know exactly what I think of your products. I tried telling a couple of your support people on the phone this morning, but strangely enough they weren’t very interested.

I bought my first Toshiba laptop in January 2011, after my faithful HP retired after eight years of loyal service. The only reason I didn’t replace it with another HP was because at the time everything I needed in a computer made the HP models very expensive. So Toshiba it was.

All seemed okay until twelve months or so later when we noticed that the charger didn’t seem to be working. After calling Toshiba and learning that our one year warranty had expired we purchased a universal charger from Dick Smith. And again, all seemed fine. Until we went on holidays this year.

We took the laptop so my husband could stay on top of work, but after just two weeks it died. And I mean DIED. No power, no lights, no fan, NOTHING. Dead as dead can be. So off we went to the nearest large electrical store, where they tried a new adapter. Still nothing. So after refusing the salesman’s offer of a “friend” fixing it, and not knowing any repairer as we were after all on holidays, we decided to buy another laptop. We decided that we would buy another HP as we were not very impressed with Toshiba after just eighteen months.

Small problem.

Out of twenty or so laptops on offer, and after weeding out the smaller slower models, there were only TWO laptops in the whole shop that came with an operating system. That’s right, NO OPERATING SYSTEM. And guess which two they were? Yep, both were Toshiba. We explained to the salesman why we wanted to avoid that brand, at which point he suggested that if we wanted to buy a HP he would sell us a pirate version of windows 7. Yes, you read that right. His mate would burn us windows 7 along with any other software we wanted for about twenty bucks.

Not very reassuring.

So despite our misgivings we went with the Toshiba. Not much choice there really.

So fast forward to this week, back in Australia, and I took the dead-as-doornails one to the repairer. Thankfully it seems to be either the charging pin or a power chip, both easily fixed for under $200. He did mention that Toshiba laptops are known for chronic problems with the charging pin.

Did he jinx me, I wonder?

Because this morning when I plugged in the BRAND NEW TWO MONTH OLD laptop with it’s charger NOTHING HAPPENED. Battery power only, no charging light or connection. Naturally I called Toshiba immediately, and to my amazement and horror they informed me that I would have to get it repaired IN CROATIA!!!!!!! The sales consultant very bitchily told me that Toshiba Australia has absolutely nothing to do with Toshiba Europe, that I may as well have been asking her to repair a Mac. I shit you not. Now I’m not a complete moron, I do realise that I bought it in another country, but considering I am a resident of THIS country, and that Toshiba is a major global brand, I think it’s fair to expect them to arrange a replacement charger at the very least. But no, it’s back to Dick Smith for another universal one.

So to the bigwigs at Toshiba, if your products have absolutely nothing in common in different regions, and warranties are not covered globally, you should just CHANGE THE FUCKING NAME. Don’t label it Toshiba if Toshiba doesn’t want anything to do with it.

I have spent thousands of hard earned dollars on TWO laptops in LESS than two years, and I don’t deserve such rude, unhelpful, and dismissive support (or lack thereof). At this moment one is in for repairs, while one is running dangerously low on battery until I can get another charger. We are trying to run a company on these shitty products of yours. That’s right: OUR LIVELIHOOD. So your attitude is just not acceptable.

If I could afford to I would throw both of them onto the scrap heap, but that’s not feasible.

So until the glorious day that I am able to replace them both I remain,

a very disgruntled Toshiba user.


  1. How rude of Toshiba!! Thanks for the heads up – will be sharing this post with the thousands of bloggers and blog readers I interact with – and will definitely avoid all Toshiba products! Hope Toshiba see this and learn a lesson about customer service. Off to post on Twitter…


    1. Thanks Cathy, I would not have slammed them so publicly if their customer service had just tried to be helpful in any small way. All technology has its issues, it’s how the brands deal with it that makes the difference.


  2. I bought my first laptop in 2006.
    I then ‘upgraded’ in 2008. I then replaced my dodgy upgrade which died after replacing the charger a gazillion times, also in 2008.
    In 2009, I then replaced my replacement upgrade. In 2009 my replacement, replacement upgrade died,
    So I whipped out my very first laptop, which actually still worked.
    The ones that kept dying on me were Toshiba.
    My original was an Acer.


    1. Geez, you got off worse than I did! But it goes to show how unreliable the brand is. My original HP still turns on, but is just very slow and struggles to keep up.


  3. Me too – same problem, Toshiba charger blah blah and the battery dies pretty darn quick too. I’d put this blog on the Toshiba Australia and New Zealand facebook page. Like you said. Universal brand should be universal warranty.


    1. Good idea about posting on their fb pages, though I’m sure they couldn’t care less.


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  6. Try installing Win 7.0 to a blank Toshiba Notebook. What a mission and it still does not work. Now gotta fork out $66 for recovery disks. My advice stick to Dell


  7. Oh my god! Some brands should just have a lemon as their logo. Even worse that they don’t care. Will avoid this brand, thanks for the heads up. x


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