Trying To Catch My Breath…

So we have been back for three weeks now, and I am seriously glad that we took the time out, because things here are crazy!

While we were on holidays my calender was blissfully naked. Well, not any more.

Our extended family celebrates so many birthdays around this time that it seems like a never ending round of cakes, candles, and hip hip hooray’s. Which, even though it’s super busy, is also nice. Happy family get together’s involving food, champagne, and laughs are certainly no hardship.

Our oldest turned eighteen, and so have a few of his friends. He is also about to start his HSC, and we had family from interstate come to visit. So with all the end of school and graduation things going on too it’s been full tilt.

Not sure if we should have given him a Playstation 3 for his birthday right before his HSC starts.

Plus of course school holidays, which are flying past, with only a few days left. (And should I even bother mentioning that I’m still mucking around with computer repairs? Guess I just did).

The end of September is marked by “the crazy week”, with seven birthdays in seven days. My two other sons have birthdays in the next few weeks, as well as three of their cousins.

And my birthday is on Saturday.

Our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks too.

We’re also trying to organise a weekend in the Hunter Valley with our best friends.

Plus we’re going to Melbourne in December to see a gig (Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield. Yay!) so that means airfare and hotel bookings too.

Not that I’m complaining, just trying to catch my breath.

Oh that’s right, I’m all out of breath from singing “Happy Birthday” so many times already.

Cheers. xoxo

  1. Ha sounds like our family! It does get crazy sometimes! Wow, your eldest is 18?! Bet you can’t believe how quickly time has flown!


    1. Yes, my head is spinning at having an eighteen year old! I feel like my Mum every time I think how quickly time flies, lol.


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