Happy Days And The Happy Dance.

This week the kitchen got a much needed spring clean. Er…in summer. Anyway. It started with cleaning out one drawer, then deciding that I have way too many dishes (some of which could be donated to make room for new ones), then I decided to rearrange things to make better use of the space. All in all, a two-full-days job. Now even I don’t remember where everything is. I wish I knew how on earth I still have a wedding present of twelve Bohemia crystal tumblers that have never been used still sitting in the cupboard. They even say “Made In Czechoslovakia” on them for goodness sake.

I also realised when cleaning out the tea/coffee cupboard above the kettle that it’s pretty much just the tea cupboard.

Lots of good gigs being announced for early next year. We already have tickets for Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr, and Iggy Pop and The Stooges (with the original line-up of Beasts Of Bourbon supporting!!!!!). All was good until Husband’s favourite band Wilco announced a one-off show at The Sydney Opera House. On the same night as Iggy. To which we have four tickets, having planned to take the two older boys as part of their ongoing music appreciation education. Husband and one of the boys prefer Wilco, and the other son won’t be caught dead at a concert of any description with his Mum. So we bought the Wilco tickets, and will decide who’s seeing Iggy and Tex closer to the date. Plus we get to see Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield next week. Tragic groupies that we both are, we are even going to Melbourne for an extra fix.

It really feels like summer once the backyard starts offering up it’s bounty. Nothing tastes better than homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.

But easily the highlight of my week was receiving a delivery that I had totally forgotten about. About a month ago I purchased a vinyl copy of a Bikini Kill album along with a t-shirt. I got home the other day to see a package at the door, and when I noticed the name of the sender was TOBI VAIL I did that embarrassing happy dance. (Yes, while still outside the door). Then when I opened it up to check out the album, out fell a HAND WRITTEN thank you note from the great lady herself!!! For the non-riot-grrrl-feminists among you, Ms Vail is a well known and highly respected musician and feminist. She’s a big deal. Even my sons were impressed. Mister Eighteen’s exact words when he saw the note: “f**k off!”. Umm…yeah.

PLUS, I have been watching “The Breakfast Club” while typing this.

Yep, life is good.

xoxo, Ana.

  1. There’s so much I like about this post! 🙂


    1. But I did want to let you know, as I look at snow on my car, how insanely jealous I am that it is your summer and you have fresh home-grown tomatoes right now. Just had to get that out!


  2. Sounds like you are having a terrific time, thanks for the uplifting post.


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