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Wow! Here we are already at the end of January. Everyone is back at school and work and I am savouring the quiet. And the clean. I am getting high on the fact that my kitchen stays spotless all day, and all the toys stay put away. Then at about four in the afternoon all the fun starts again. But it’s all good.

I have ended up having quite a big month in January. I planned to take it easy on the social media front, and had no great plans for the blog. But somehow it has all ended up bigger than ever, so I thought I would do a wrap up of everything that went down.

*It’s been pretty exciting on the home front. Mister Eighteen is now an enrolled university student, taking on a double degree in Journalism and Communications. And as you may have noticed the other day, he is now also a contributor at What Culture! His first two articles have had over TWENTY THOUSAND views in the first few days. Not to be outdone, Mister Seventeen has been bringing hip hop to the house with his own music, uploading some of his beats to Soundcloud. Check out his profile here. He has spent the last couple of months in the “beat lab” (i.e. his bedroom), and while it’s not my usual choice of music, I love what he has done. Mister Four started preschool two days a week, which he is loving. And Miss Thirteen has spent the whole summer glued to her iPad.

*After going to Melbourne last December to see Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield, we were very excited to learn of a “secret” show in early January. Secret as in unannounced until a few days before. A FREE secret show. In a small pub in Newtown. I also got to say hello to Leticia from Bambino Koresh, who opened on the Evan/Juliana tour and whose album is on HEAVY ROTATION. It was pretty awesome to be watching the various support bands while Evan wrote out the set list just a couple of metres away. And despite Husband and Mister Eighteen prompting me, I still didn’t go and say hello. I don’t know how “famous” Evan is these days, but to me he’s HUGE. And therefore I’m still far too starstruck. I did pinch his setlist though, and his guitar pick for Hubby.

*I’m happy to report that my semi-resolutions were both a success. The first, the January cooking challenge, was lots of fun, and the posts for each week proved very popular. The other challenge I set myself was to Instagram only ONE photo a day for the whole month. Which I stuck to. The theme was #thingsthatmakemehappy. I think I only added two extra photos the whole month. One was to wish Mr Jimmy Page a happy birthday. The other was when I received a band t shirt with a signed note and badge, which made my day. My husband has given me an idea for February. I am going to try and discover some new music.

*Which brings me to the blogging news for the month. I was looking for a way to easily follow the blogs I love reading on Blogger, as well as a way to write about all the other, random topics that don’t really fit here. So Babbleogue was born. It’s where I’ll be talking all things music, movies, and books. And maybe some fashion. Cos why not? Mister Eighteen has also contributed a guest post. In other blogging news I am also very excited at the response my new cooking blog has received. How It All Started In The Kitchen is the new home of all my cooking, recipes, and foodie posts. I’m a bit surprised at how many views and likes it’s had. I guess it just goes to show how much everyone loves food! I have been working on more recipes, and honing my photography skills. It’s taking shape, slowly but surely. And I have also linked up with Cathy at The Camera Chronicles for her Flashback Friday series, which has been so much fun. So many excellent bloggers have jumped on board with links, and it’s made Friday’s even better. Thanks Cathy!

*I have also decided to start taking my writing more seriously. I am very slowly starting to work on a novel, just finding my feet at the moment. I have ideas, but am working on how to express them. I’m very much a planner, and trying to get everything down on paper. And whenever I finish a page I go back and re-read it and edit it again, so the progress has been slow. I think I may look at doing a short writing course. I will be posting more on this over at Babbleogue.

*And without my even noticing this blog now has over 100 followers! Thank you all so much! I hope you keep enjoying it, and please leave some comments, I love to hear from you. And feel free to share it round 😉

*And finally, something that made me smile today. I was doing the weekly grocery shop, and as I walked past the Bottle Shop I decided on the spur of the moment to buy a bottle of tequila. The last time I bought tequila things got ugly, and the memories remain fuzzy. The cool tattooed pierced chick serving me commented that it was her favourite. I said something like, yeah but it’s been a couple of years since I bought a bottle. She responded with, Yeah I guess it lasts a while. To which I said, actually it only lasted one night, that’s WHY I haven’t bought it for two years. She laughed. I’m not sure if she thought I was joking.

Enjoy your weekend.
Ana. X

  1. You have had a huge start to the year, and your kids all sound like they’re kicking hos as well! Have to catch up on all your blogs! Check out the Australian Writers Centre for writing courses…I would love to so one as well!


  2. Haaaa, I also snagged a set list, from a show in Boulder CO last fall. (caught you on Twitter while searching for Evan’s latest whereabouts).


    1. Maybe one day I will work in the nerve to say hi! Btw, I think he’s still here in Australia. He popped up at a festival a week ago 🙂


  3. Hi Ana – I found you via Cathy’s Flashback Friday. Wow you have had a busy January! That is very cool stealing his set list and pick. A great thing to frame! You must be very busy with teenagers and young ones – wow! Emily


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