FFS Friday!

First time jumping in on Dear Baby G’s FFS link up. After the week I had I figured it was about time.

After assuring me that I would get overnight delivery on a wallpaper order, THREE days later I find myself begging that it be delivered by 8 am at the latest. At 3 pm the driver calls and asks for the address. FFS

After taking Mister Four to the doctor to check him out I am told it’s barely a cold. He says to bring him back in three days if he isn’t better. So on the third day I make an appointment. Which I then cancel because he is bouncing around all day in rude health. Fifteen minutes after I cancel he begins coughing. And doesn’t stop. FFS

The doctor is now fully booked up. FFS

It’s Friday. He is closed on weekends. FFS

After getting home from work at 6.30pm and needing to catch a 7.00pm train with his friends, we speed race drive very fast to the station to drop off Mister Eighteen. I ask him exactly what time the train is. He call his friends, they say 7.30. No rush. FFS

Finding myself child free I decide it’s a good day to head to Costco and indulge in some solitary bulk buying. One hour and fifteen minutes after leaving home I am less than half way there. It’s half an hour away. Traffic. FFS

I decide to abort the trip to Costco, and turn around at the next set of lights and go home. Which is when I see the police cars and closed lanes. In front of the house where a man was decapitated by his son. FFS (gulp)

So I head back to the supermarket five minutes from home. Next to the pre school where I dropped Mister Four off. Two hours ago. FFS

After dedicating a perfectly lovely Valentines Day post to Husband, he then announces he is going fishing with the next door neighbour. FFS

I inform him that my payback will involve some impressive online shopping. I buy a Magimix food processor. The top of the line model. No FFS

It arrives less than twenty-four hours later. No FFS

Ah… I feel better now.


  1. I always read the FFS posts with a smile on my face.

    It has not been a good week in the news, has it? So many terrible things have happened.


    1. Seems like there is always more bad news than good.


  2. Haha love it! Revenge online shopping is the best, especially when they have super fast delivery. It gets here quick enough before the guilt can set in 🙂


    1. So true! A couple of clicks and it’s too late 😉 Can’t wait to use it, been waiting for it forever.


  3. I’m thinking I should join in on this link one day…and just let it all out! Can relate to the drs appointment part – why does that always happen?!


    1. I have enjoyed reading this link up for a while, but to be honest I try to keep my posts positive, and I have always tried to avoid whingeing. But this week it seemed inevitable! Adding some humour lightens it up. It was fun.


  4. In my humble opinion the traffic would’ve totally been worth Costco.

    We don’t have it here in Perth.

    I am green with envy.

    I do love me a good discount shop and a good bulk shop. Combining the two is total guilt free shopping, no less!


    1. I have only been once, but it is pretty impressive. But I don’t give up that easily. I will go this week instead 😉


  5. What exactly does the FFS stand for??? I would like to join in but I dont want to join in on something I have no idea about. By the way, I like your blog already. 🙂


    1. Hey there. FFS stands for “for f**ks sake”. Just letting off steam. Check the link for Dear Baby G in my FFS Friday post for more details on joining in 🙂


      1. Thank you 🙂


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