Flashback Friday: BYO Earplugs

This post is dedicated to all of my neighbours between the years 1986 and 1993. But especially the house right next door.

For this weeks Flashback Friday link up with the lovely Cathy at The Camera Chronicles, I found that  inspiration struck in the wee hours one night while I was having trouble falling asleep. As I lay in bed, in the dark, listening to the iPod, exploring some of the compilation albums I recently added to the library, I hit pay dirt. Having snuck in on 101 Hits Of The 80’s and 90’s were some of the songs I had tortured my neighbours with.

You know the kind: big power ballads. Usually sung by women with big voices. Also sung, badly, by me. Because while I have always loved music with a passion, I have always known that I can not sing. But I never let that stop me. It’s also why I need the music loud: not to hear it, but to drown out me. I am one of those tragic’s who has to sing along. Even at concerts. Can’t help it.

So for your pleasure, here are the biggest, anthem-iest, most powerful of the power ballads. The ones my neighbours (and family) cursed me for.


The very first one, Heart’s “Alone” is still banned to this day by everyone who knows me. But most of all my Husband. Even my current neighbours came over one day laughing, saying “wtf was that?”. I didn’t notice the windows were all open.

This was another one I loved. Concrete Blonde, with “Joey”. God, she can sing.

I was also mad for Martika and her “Toy Soldiers”. Actually a serious song, which I belted out with due seriousness.

And naturally I couldn’t resist The Bangles, most of all “Eternal Flame”.

And when it came to the boys, count on Bon Jovi for a power ballad and a half. And during the years I loved Jon and the boys, and belted out many of their big ballads, this was the one that got me the most “shut the f**k up’s”.

And the one that probably tested (and shredded) my vocal chords the most was Skid Row’s “I Remember You”. I worshipped the singer, and the highlight of 1990 was seeing them live. And Anita: he actually pointed at me, not you. Just to clear that up once and for all.

And you know the best bit? I have been singing them all at full volume while uploading them here 😉

What songs did you terrorize delight your neighbours with?

Have a good weekend.

Ana. xoxo

  1. Oh my all of your music selections here were also belted out badly by me back in the day (ok today as well) got to love the big power ballad


    1. Yep, still a sucker for the power ballad. I didn’t even get started on all the metal big hair ballads 😉


  2. Loved it. Loved all of it. Tragic lol.


  3. Oh, loved this post!! Great trip down memory lane. Loved Toy Soldiers (think I had Martika’s album on vinyl). Loved Joey and I still belt out Eternal Flame if it comes on in the car lol. Can’t go past Bon Jovi as you say for power ballads either! I probably belted out a few Mariah Carey and Celione Dion numbers as well – and knowing how powerful their voices are and how BAD mine is, you can imagine how butchered those songs were!


    1. Cathy, I could have just kept going…


  4. I was guilty of a bit of Bangles belting back in the day. But, by far my favourite artist to belt to is Barbra Streisand. Love Babs. Shut up. Ahem.


    1. Believe it or not, apart from memories, I don’t know any other Barbra Streisand.


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