A Four Day Weekend? Yay!

Nothing beats a Thursday night when it’s public holidays all the way to Monday! Especially when it’s Easter and there is lots of food (and chocolate) all around  the place. I am planning Mister Four’s first Easter egg hunt for Sunday morning, and he has helpfully been pointing out spots in the back yard where I can hide his choccies.

And speaking of Easter and Mister Four, we braved the Easter Show the other day. I was not backward in coming forward regarding how little I was actually looking forward to it. Think a hot day, lots of walking in the heat, crowds, and ridiculous prices. So I am very happy to report that we had a fantastic day!

It was hard to resist his enthusiasm which started as soon as we got on the bus. Yes, a bus trip excites this child. He had me laughing very much out loud when we entered the animal enclosure. The natural aroma of all those goats, pigs, and sheep proved spectacularly unimpressive, and he pleaded with me to get him out of there. Next stop was the barnyard nursery, which was less smelly and more hands on. It was nice to walk among baby lambs, goats, chickens, dogs, and even a baby deer. Mister Four, being a modern city kid, was a little tense at all those four legged friends coming up for a sniff, and was tense and wary the whole time. So, animals: not such a big success. Off we went to find something more to his tastes.

The rides proved more popular, though he was only interested in the most tame looking ones. Naturally, the show bags were a big hit. Happily, he was happy with just two. He also fell in love with a stuffed Kermit the frog, (from “The Muffets”), and won himself a sword. He also managed to convince me to buy him a jumbo sized lollipop, which I have since hidden as the sheer size of it horrifies me. He happily accompanied me through the fresh food hall, and commented that the candle stand smelled much better than the animal pavilion.

While he was a gem and didn’t ask for much at all, the same could not be said for Mum. What a disgrace. I actually had to buy myself one of those portable shopping bags on wheels, you know the Grandma style (which is actually bloody fantastic and I plan on using now). My haul included three show bags (more than the four year old), a box of macarons, some nougat, a bottle of champagne, and a hat. And I could have kept going. Mister Four actually said at one point, “Mum, no more show bags”. Not kidding.

He also declared that he was ready to go home after some lunch, and we very happily headed for the bus. Me dragging my full to the brim shopping trolley.

I would like to say a big thank you to my boy, even though he can’t read, for being so much fun. He made sure I had a far better day than I was expecting, and was a pleasure to spend the day out with. I’m thinking we could make it a regular day out together.

Or I could go by myself…

*Have a very safe and Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it, and I will see everyone next week. 

Love, Ana. x

  1. It sounded like you had a wonderful day. We went about 2 years ago and vowed never to go again. I think the problem lies with taking all three children at once. One at a time sounds like it would be a lot more fun.

    My kids adore bus trips (and train and ferry rides). They’re not so much interested in the destination. One time my oldest son Luka noticed that the trains from our station either went to the city or to epping. He said, “Mama, let’s go to Epping!” I was like, “Dude, do you realise that there is nothing to do in Epping?” “I don’t care!” was his reply.


    1. Lol, let’s go to Epping. Kids are he funniest. And yes, with one child it’s so good. I took the older three ages ago: nightmare.


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