It’s Young Talent Time!

I actually started writing another post for this week’s Flashback Friday link up with Cathy at The Camera Chronicles, but then somewhere along the way it changed into this instead. The other day I heard Mr 4 singing the theme song to a very old tv show that I used to love as a child. Which was just the inspiration I needed for a little flashback. But then as I was writing it I remembered what my real favorite TV show was. The one that it was uncool to like after the age of about 12. The one that I used to cry for if I had to miss it.

Young Talent Time. Or just YTT to the dedicated.

YTT was an Australian talent show (der), hosted by Johnny Young, which aired from 1971 to 1988. There was a group of about ten talented young people (the young talent team), ranging in ages from about eight to sixteen. Then at sixteen they would graduate with a big send off (and many tears) , making way for a newcomer the next week. I guess it was a very old fashioned kind of variety show, even though they mostly just sang and danced. There were also special guests each week. Some of the biggest names in Australian entertainment came from the show, and you still see many of the old faces pop up all over the place.

So. That’s what it was all about. But why did I love it so much?

It probably had to do with the combination of seeing children my own age, in my own country, talking just like me and not with a funny accent, getting to sing songs in cool outfits. They all looked like ordinary kids, and I guess that somewhere in my young mind there was the sense that anything was possible. (And if you had the time, money, and could convince your parents, there were the Johnny Young Talent Schools to help you along).

There was also the appearance that they were a close group of friends. (Actually, turns out there were more than a few teenage romances behind the scenes 😉 )

It used to be on TV every Saturday night at 6.30, which was often a cause for much freaking out as my parents often made plans for us to be out visiting various family and friends on a Saturday night. And naturally they would always plan to leave the house right at 6.30. There were many times I pleaded that they wait an hour (to no avail), the plea that we only visit homes where they also had kids who would be watching (oh the horror of visiting someone, asking if they wanted to watch it, and seeing them roll their eyes in disgust), and the fervent hope each and every week that we could just bloody well stay home. Although on a positive note, they got all the Saturday-night visiting out of their system by the time 21 JumpStreet took over my Saturdays. 😉

Each episode would finish with Johnny Young singing (rather, crooning) The Beatles “All My Loving” as a good night, with the YTT team oohhh-ing for accompaniment. At which point my week would be at it’s highest point, and I could dream for another week of one day convincing my Mum to sign me up for the talent school so I could have a shot at ending up part of the team. I won’t go into detail on exactly how devastated I was when Dannii Minogue had her send off, or how insane I went when her sister Kylie joined her on YTT for a singalong. I will mention that I was beside myself when I saw the YTT live show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre somewhere around 1987. To be breathing the same air as Vince, Dannii, and Natalie!!!!!!!

Here is some classic YTT from 1986, my peak year of loving the show. But can I just say, I can’t believe how out of time their dancing is?

And here is an example of how the closing number went. Though there were usually no dogs.

Was there a TV show you wouldn’t leave the house for?

See you next time folks,

Ana. X

  1. Oh wow, this brought back a lot of memories Ana lol. I was ten in 1986….that is all I will say.


  2. That performance was terrible! What about the guy’s singing, shockingly bad.

    I loved this show so much and had dreams about being on it one day. I think you summarised the feeling perfectly: “I guess that somewhere in my young mind there was the sense that anything was possible. ” That’s exactly what the appeal is.


    1. haha, the performances were not that great it turns out! Somehow I only learned that today while searching YouTube!


  3. OMG that was Cameron Daddo. Hilarity.


  4. It really hasn’t aged very well, has it hehe? Have you read the YTT story in Marieke Hardy’s book You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead? I think you’d like it 🙂


    1. No it hasn’t aged as well as some of the team has, that’s for sure. I must read that book, love Marieke.


  5. OMG I LOVED YTT! I remember sitting pressed up against the TV, cassette recorder in hand, taping songs so we could play them back and sing along bahaha did I really just write that? I was hoping it would all take off again when they re-introduced the show again last year but I guess its time has passed. Wonderful memories though – I think your favourite bunch were mine as well 🙂 Love this flashback!


    1. Thanks Cathy, I had fun taking the trip down memory lane. We definitely would have enjoyed the same vintage!


  6. I was so in love with Jamie Redfern


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