FFS: When Being A Good Parent Sucks

So here I am on a Friday night with a very late and very brief FFS Friday link up with Dear Baby G.

Months ago Hubby and I made plans with another couple to go and see legendary Aussie band You Am I tonight in Sydney. No FFS

Until this morning when one half of the other couple couldn’t make it due to a sick child. (A very selfish) FFS

Then I found out that my oldest Mister Almost Nineteen was keen to go. No FFS

Except that he was going to be the babysitter while I went out and had a fun night. FFS

I very briefly considered asking my beautiful adopted daughter/neighbour to babysit before realising that seemed a bit unfair considering she has been helping me out with something far more important for the last few weeks and has answered countless emails and phone calls. No FFS

I then decided to give my ticket to my other son, Mister Almost Eighteen. FFS (or No FFS, still not sure).

So off the boys went for a fun filled boys night filled with an amazing live band. FFS

After calling my wonderful neighbour over for a girls movie night I have had a couple of therapeutic shots of tequila. Definitely no FFS

The pantry is full of junk food. No FFS

Dirty Dancing is playing on the stereo. No FFS

See? FFS therapy really does work 😉

Til next time.

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