Where Can I Find Some More Time?

I know I’m not alone on that. There is quite simply NEVER ENOUGH TIME. And things have been especially busy around these parts for the last few months. I have been very busily running around town with a new project which has found me on a very steep learning curve, and has been exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. There have been school holidays, exams, and of course the usual TLC involved in tending home and hearth.

So I have managed to find some time to catch up on blogging, and now I have no idea what to write. I had all these thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head on the days I was driving around, whole blog posts were writing themselves in my head. They were witty, clever, topical, and (in my head at least) they sounded fantastic. And it seems that they have now disappeared in a puff of smoke.

There was something about how teenagers should not date. Not for any prudish outdated reasons, but because generally, they don’t make great boyfriends and girlfriends. They should be hanging out with their friends, not living out Bold And The Beautiful type drama’s because he didn’t call, or what the f**k is her problem anyway? The teenage years should be about having fun, not getting tied down. So that was supposed to be a whole blog post there, now condensed to a few sentences. (Nice work, Ana 😉 )

There was going to be a follow up to my post on the asylum seeker situation in Australia in the lead up to a federal election. Instead I am simply going to give you a link to Get Up Australia!, an activist organisation raising awareness on the important issues (and injustices) affecting our country, and society as a whole. Though I will just say that I was actually called a communist by someone who read my post. Very LOL.

Get Up Australia

There is also much excitement building as we are about to see Adalita live after a (very long) eighteen month gap. Two shows in two nights, and while I probably couldn’t have stretched that out to a whole post, there may well be one afterwards.

We have also been madly adding to our record collection since getting a turntable, only trouble is I forgot how convenient it is to be able to listen to the whole thing without changing sides. So when I am pottering around the house, my day now consists of activities carried out according to how long each side plays for. Led Zeppelin are good for getting a lot done, ditto Guns N Roses and Patti Smith.

This paragraph was originally all about Mister Four’s recent issues with refusing to poop, but honestly, I just couldn’t do it. I had to delete it, since I refuse to become one of those mummy bloggers who actually discusses her child’s toilet habits. No offence to any mums who do, but I just can not go there. To everyone else, you’re welcome.

Not that this next paragraph is all that interesting, but it has been a major nuisance. My oven has been determined to pack it in these last few months. Trouble is I am refusing to let it. The fan no longer works so I am adjusting to cooking with just the top and bottom elements. Trouble is I can not get the same heat needed for baking. So I have been unable to cook some of the treats we love. A loaf of banana bread took over an hour, and things that normally cook in twenty-five minutes now take forty. So while what I really want to do is replace the piece of shit.

Not that oven troubles have stopped me from stacking on a few winter kilo’s. Lots of crusty bread and red wine seem to be taking their toll on my waistline, and I am thinking it is probably time to put the brakes on the indulgent winter eating and keep in mind that spring will be here in just over four short weeks. Actually it’s probably just as well my oven isn’t working, because it’s the cakes and macarons I have been unable to make. Seems that where there is a will there is indeed a way… straight to stretch pants.

And it would seem that I have managed to come up with a post about not much at all. A Seinfeld kind of post, though nowhere near as clever and funny.

Hitting publish on a very lame post (ovens and poop, FFS),

Ana. X

  1. Wow you certainly took care of a lot of topics in that post Ana – that is clever I reckon. Love the old school oven – our neighbours used to have one back in NZ. I hate my HE washing machine, have to do slow spin speed otherwise it starts rocking around the house! I wish I could remind myself that spring is here soon and to keep the waistline down, just so hard when I’m tired all the time, I just need MORE TIME 🙂 xx


    1. I sm so in love with that oven, and I had also had the rock and roll dancing washing machine, lol. And yes, tired all the time, we’re always rushing around aren’t we? Never stops…

      Thanks for reading. Xxx


  2. Ana, what does FFS mean? Probably something obious, does it involve swear words??? If so perhaps I know..
    BTW what were you doing when you were a teenager??? Dating and getting tied down by any chance?? hehehehe


    1. Yes Niss, swearing is involved. And yes I was dating as a teenager, which is how the topic came up.


  3. For a post supposedly about nothing it was a great read-very skillful of you.
    I’ve been thinking this whole time that you are a communist.
    My oven is broken.
    Are you going to reveal your project at some point, hmmm?


    1. Ha, yes I must be a communist, lol. Probably won’t reveal the project, it’s become a part time job.


      1. Oh I see I see, that kind of project, not like knitting a humungous blanket or something. Gotcha:)


  4. Gah, Humongous*


  5. […] and unpredictable fancy-brand-name oven, which was not all it was cracked up to be. {No? See HERE.} I also mentioned in my last post that it was looking like I was going to replace it. And I am […]


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