To Share Or Not To Share?

It’s surprising where writing can take you sometimes. I thought this post was going to be something far different. It began with a draft called FanGirl Adventures Part One. It was with much excitement that I sat down the other day to recount our adventures last weekend when we went to see Adalita play her first shows in eighteen months, in Sydney and Melbourne. But you know what? Once I started typing I realised that I actually have no inclination to share all the details. Wtf you may well ask. And as I thought about what I wanted to write about my thoughts took an unexpected detour.

It’s like this. We had an AMAZING two nights. Got a great big hug from the lady herself when she spotted us at the Melbourne venue, as she knew we had flown interstate to be there. She called us over to have a chat, more hugs, some high fives, and we had a really lovely catch up. The show was awesome, and we flew home the next morning to get ready for round two in Sydney. At that show there was an onstage shout out, more hugs, and another chat. (Not to mention far too much vodka consumed by someone in particular).

And that’s about all I really want to share. I’m not that great at reviews, and even though I CAN be objective, I just so enjoy seeing her play live that it would be a very gushing review regardless of what she actually sang. (The new songs sounded awesome btw). I don’t want to go into nauseating detail about what we chatted about, what was said, and especially what I may have very drunkenly said to her. I have the best memories of a truly excellent weekend, and a photo in which I look very blissfully happy.

I hesitated before sharing the photo on social media, mostly because I look so bloody pissed, but then I thought, what the hell. I had fun, we took a picture. But I keep coming back to the idea that it seems to be that if we don’t share something on social media it’s as if it never happened. I also don’t feel like sharing all the details because it feels a bit like bragging, which I hate and try not to do. Then there’s the fact that we have met Adalita many times now, and she has always been friendly and open, and at times it almost feels like she’s a friend.

Thinking over this post has led me to the surprising realisation that there is a lot I don’t share here. I respect the privacy of my family, and in particular my Husband, who doesn’t want his name and face plastered online. I always check with my kids before posting anything that involves them, and I make a point of not referring to any extended family. In fact I am feeling more and more reluctant to put my whole life out there. By no means do I try to portray a rosy, look-how-great-my-life-is kind of picture, but I feel it would be disrespectful to my family to air any dirty laundry publicly. Yes, there was that one post, but while it may have been the wrong decision at the time, I don’t regret it. Live and learn, I say.

So what was intended to be a recap of a very fun weekend has led me to the conclusion that I might just be starting to (finally) get over the compulsion to over-share. I am happy to share a couple of photos, some amusing anecdotes or observations, I may get serious from time to time. But I seem to have reached a place where I am inclined to share less and less. Getting older? Definitely. Getting wiser? I sure hope so. It just feels like everywhere you look we are saturated with too much f***ing sharing. I plead guilty, certainly. Dinner? Lunch? That sunset? Yes, yes, and yes. It’s all there on Instagram, maybe too much so. It’s why in the last few months I have removed all personal status updates and photos from my Facebook profile. I have also selectively deleted certain pictures from Instagram, and some Twitter posts and pictures. Because I just don’t want it all out there anymore.

And just maybe, I will enjoy the moment far more when I’m not thinking about how to caption it or which filter to use.

So, to Adalita: thanks for two awesome nights. You f***ing rock, and I’ll see you next time.

And here are just a couple of photos. Not many were taken, I was having far too much fun.

Til next time,

Ana. xxx

  1. Well said!
    You see yourself as a huge fan of Adalita but this post proves you see and respect her as a fellow human being that happens to have a huge talent you really enjoy.
    I’ve noticed that the more satisfied and happy(and secure) I am during certain situations in life the more I want to keep the story private, is it a little similar for you?
    Not wanting to come off as bragging is understandable but from what I’ve read so far in your blog you NEVER brag and on top of that it IS okay to be happy, proud and excited and share it but we’re always shamed for that for some reason.

    “But I keep coming back to the idea that it seems to be that if we don’t share something on social media it’s as if it never happened.”
    very true.


    1. Thanks Susan, you’re right. Bottom line is I kind of want to keep the details just for me, know what I mean?

      In terms of sharing I am leaning to less the older I get, not sure why. I sm seeing more and more hoe excessive it is, everywhere.


  2. I have been feeling the same way as you for a while now. I don’t feel the need to share absolutely everything. I guess I’ve copped a lot of flack from people in the past so now I just don’t bother. I’ve barely felt like blogging because I’ll get a great idea but then I second guess myself because I’m afraid of how it will come off, especially to actual people in my life.

    Also going away has been helpful. I gave myself permission not to care about curating my online presence. Now that I’m back, I don’t feel the need to participate so much.

    The other feeling/thought that I’ve been having is that sometimes I think of something to write about but then I tell myself, “Does the internet really need another article of some mummy-blogger dribble?” and then I just don’t write it. I don’t know what that’s all about really, but I am finding myself increasingly bored by myself and other bloggers. Honestly though, I’m not bored by your writing (and I’m not just pissing in your pocket). I feel like what I hate about some blogs is that blogging is no longer about sharing your life or your thoughts, it’s about making a buck or running a giveaway. I’m seriously over it all. Instead I’ve been having a laugh over at “Get Off My Internets”. There’s a lot of venting about Aussie bloggers in the “International” section.


    1. Hey Kristy, welcome home! Going away is great for realising how little you need all the sharing/social media isn’t it? Hope you had a great break.

      Copping flak is shit, but that shouldn’t stop you. Though even saying that I understand it’s easier said than done. Especially when it’s people in your everyday life reading it, it does limit what you can really say. I guess I am just over it all, especially facebook.

      I definitely understand what you mean about the whole mummy blogger thing. I have also thought of an idea for a post then decided that it’s all been said before, and is it even interesting to anyone? And I do lean away from sponsored posts, even when I like the blogger I will give that post a miss. I have also been very busy with side projects these last few months and have had little time for blogging and seem to have lost inspiration. But this time, with this particular story, it’s for me and my Husband. WE know how much fun we had and why, do I really need to spell it out to impress? No.

      Thanks for the comment, looking forward to reading more about your overseas trip. XXX.


      1. Yes I get that aspect of keeping some experiences to yourself, I’m like that too. I think with something like the two gigs you went to you’ve got personal reasons for loving Adalita as much as you do and I doubt any one of us (your readers) could even comprehend how much it all meant to you. Good on your for keeping it special for just you guys.


        1. Yes, that’s exactly it. WE get it, good enough. X.


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