It’s A Long Way Back To Bed…

This post will no doubt be able to write itself, since I have had one of those weeks. It all started last weekend when, amid much excitement, we were eagerly anticipating seeing The Beasts Of Bourbon two nights in a row, with two different lineups and different set-lists. No FFS

Until Friday morning when I was reminded once again how much it can totally suck being a woman sometimes. PMS came down on me like a ton of bricks, complete with a murderous rage and crippling exhaustion. But I refused to back down and set off for the concert regardless. No FFS

All was well until I realised that frontman Tex Perkins was having far too much fun. He did two encores. FFS

He kept calling the band back onstage. Even they wanted to go home and have a lie down. FFS

We got home at one in the morning. FFS

I was asleep by 1.05. FFS

So for the next nights show both Husband and I pleaded exhaustion and passed our tickets along to our two oldest kids, both fans. No FFS

Along with his older brothers ID for Mister Not-Quite-Eighteen. (Ssh, baaaaad parenting). FFS

I (stupidly) insisted on dropping them off since it was far from home and I wasn’t entirely confident with Mr Almost-Nineteen’s navigational abilities. FFS

Meanwhile, back at home, I belatedly realised that having dropped them off I now had to wait up to collect them. A forty minute drive each way. FFS

So I messaged them to catch a taxi, and to pay with my keycard when they got home. I even very helpfully messaged them the numbers of local cab companies and got all comfy in bed. No FFS

Until just after midnight when I got the phone call.

“We’ve been waiting for a cab for half an hour, they all want cash up front, and even the band has already left. Can you come get us?”


So in pj’s and cardigan off I went. By the time we all climbed into bed it was almost two in the morning. FFS

By which time I was wide awake and alert, (and after hearing how good the opening band was), wishing I had just bloody well gone myself. FFS

So I woke hubby up to have a chat 😉



  1. Haha FFS you should have just gone. Though I like the education you’re imparting on your kids 🙂 you’re the cool mum!!!! x


    1. I definitely should have just gone, but they both love the Beasts, and yes, good music education is important 😉


  2. What a bloody mission that sounded like! My FFS relate to my whinging sick kids who can’t seem to talk in non-whinging voices and it’s driving me up the fugging wall! Have a great weekend x


    1. Oh no, sick kids us the worst, you feel bad for being annoyed, lol. Have a good weekend.


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