The one where Ana stops talking…

I’m a good talker. A great talker. I’m also a procrastinator. A bad one. Or a really good one depending on how you look at it. Put them together and you have someone who will forever and a day talk about something rather than actually do it. It’s not one of my better traits I have to say.

So it is with great excitement that I tell you all that I am finally doing things I have talked about and thought about and planned out for quite some time. I don’t want to reveal what it is just yet as it’s early days and I am working hard at doing rather than talking. I am hoping that I’ve finally found my direction, at least for now. Because life changes and twists and turns and we never know what’s around the corner, but for now I can see where I am going, and I like what I see.

One big leap that I have taken and am proud of is going self hosted. Not for this blog here, I quite like my quiet little WordPress hosted corner where everything is taken care of for me. What I have done is take my food blog, given it the old razzle dazzle, clicked a few buttons, and hey presto! I have my own brand spanking new website. Not so much a blog, but a proper grown up website where I plan to expand from just recipes, to articles, tips, discussion, and reviews. It’s very new and I am working hard to build up the content, and there are lots of ideas and it’s all coming along nicely.

And just quietly, I am a little bit impressed with how much easier it was than I had feared. I have thought about self hosting for so long, and always backed away in fear. Although the first host I tested out scared the crap out of me with its complete lack of user friendliness and had me clicking cancel account with uber speed, it ended up a piece of cake. Lady Luck landed me with a great host who made it super easy, and next thing I knew I had a website live to air. There was actually a stunned minute or two in which I sat these and went, oh my god I did it, I have a website! I was shocked at how quickly it happened.

Naturally it’s very early days and I will no doubt jinx myself and start having technical problems as soon as anyone comes along to visit. But I am looking forward to the challenge, as well as getting my geek on by learning more about CSS and HTML and all that fun stuff. But for now it’s all about the content and the community. Because that’s what I love most about blogging, the sense of community, especially with regular readers as well as the blogs I read and love. And if you love food then please do come over and join in with me in building that same sense of community I hope to enjoy at delicious. by ana.

Yes, that’s the new name. To be honest all the really cool domain names were taken, and I really just wanted something shorter, simpler, and to the point. And I do humbly know my food is delicious, so there’s that too. The only thing is that after adding Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles for the new name while still maintaining the old site as we transition over, it’s bloody confusing. I absolutely refuse to tally up all the social media accounts I have as well as all the blogs. Whenever I go to share a comment, photo or status, it takes me a couple of minutes to remember who I’m supposed to be.

So to anyone who is thinking about self hosting, I say go for it. But don’t come crying to me if it all goes horribly wrong, I’m still high on the first flush of success and probably shouldn’t be listened to anyway.

And to everyone else, I do hope that you find a few minutes to pop over and take a look. The best way to get all the latest recipes, articles, and posts is to click on the subscribe by email box which is at the bottom of every page and post.

Signing off, the Grand Geek Duchess,


  1. Congrats on self hosting your delicious food site. I’ll def check it out, Ana!!


    1. Thanks Annie! And if you like what you see remember to subscribe! Lots of new stuff coming.


  2. Go you! Self hosting is tough, I just got someone to transfer over my stuff and have hardly changed my site, but I want to as I can’t stand how it looks really – but that’s for someone else to do – I just don’t have the brain for it. CONGRATS on delicious. by. ana I can’t wait to go and check it out! Em x


    1. Em if you have self hosting through WordPress it’s as simple as choosing a theme and installing it. Not quite as easy as but not hard by any stretch.


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