TGIS {or, thank God it’s Sunday}

If I had been able to find enough time two days ago to write a post, it would have been the mother of all FFS Friday’s.

IF I had been able to find the time.

We have spent the better part of this week giving the house a much needed lick of paint, which resulted in rooms with piles of furniture crammed into the centre.

Curtain rods being a particular danger when walking through said rooms.

What I didn’t count on was all the f***ing dust everywhere, from the minor patching and sanding needed to ensure a perfect finish.

The feature wall colour we chose was a disturbing shade of eggplant purple, and after deciding not to use it we now have a full tin of a colour that is nothing short of disgusting.

After several trips back to the paint shop we went with a feature colour we already had.

Mister 5 started vomiting in the wee hours of the morning, and spent all day Friday throwing up every couple of hours.

He also spent the day lying on the couch with a sixty inch television 30 cm’s from his face due to above mentioned painting.

As soon as the paint was dry enough we put all the furniture back and cleaned all the dust which had by then been tracked all over the house and went to bed in a very clean and fresh house.

Then moved everything back to the centre in the morning for the final coat.

And went straight back to square one with dust and mess.

Did I mention that it rained all day Friday?

Makes it kinda hard to get enough ventilation in to dry the walls.

Also makes it hard to wash all the vomited-on bed linens, including several large and heavy blankets.

I also may have been slightly hungover.


Like I said, thank God it’s Sunday.

So how has your weekend been so far?

P.S. At least the painter was hot, and didn’t seem to mind me touching his butt 😉

{Okay, I couldn’t leave that last line in without adding that the painter is my Husband.}

  1. Hehe send your painter over! Let’s hope next weekend is better 🙂 xxx


    1. Lol. I hope so too. X.


  2. Yikes. But I bet your house looks splendid!


    1. It actually does, thank goodness.


  3. Nice touch at the end 😀


    1. Haha, thanks. I wasn’t going to add it on, but I had to.


      1. It wouldn’t have been complete without it


  4. It’s Mother’s Day here. Husband has been in a football/soul weekender. How’s my weekend been? I don’t think you want to know! X


    1. Oh dear. Happy Mother’s Day!


      1. That said, yesterday there was a small fire down the street. Cue lots of fire fighters with not a lot to do. And my son is absolutely crazy about fire engines, I just HAD to hang out in the street checking out the firemen, sorry, fire ENGINES. 😉


        1. Lol 😉


  5. SHITBURGERS, mine was great compared to yours! We got a Fighter fish, we all stayed healthy and the house is intact 🙂 xx


    1. That is good to hear. Btw, I love the milk story! And I LOVE shitburgers.


  6. Haha oh I love this! We’ve had the vomiting with a rainy day to follow but not with painting included. You’ve done well!!

    Thanks for linking for Sunday Brunch at Mums Take Five


    1. Thanks Nic. I enjoy link ups, love finding like minded bloggers!


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