VERY quickly…

Yes I’m still on school I mean blogging holidays, but I just thought I would pop my head up and say hello.

I have been happily and madly cooking, photographing, and sharing recipes. Easter has been and gone and all I remember is chocolate, cakes, and food food food.

All that extra time I thought I would have by not blogging has mysteriously not eventuated, and there has, not surprisingly, been plenty to keep me busy.

We had a scary time with one of our littlest extended family members and it served as a good reminder that family really comes before anything and life is short. Thankfully everything is looking good for the little fighter. Seriously, kids are SO much stronger than we ever give them credit for.

In breaking news, I have joined the gym. Yes, I’m still a bit surprised myself, and especially at how much I enjoy it. I can now manage about five minutes of full on running {“full on” being code for very f***ing fast}, panting and huffing like a small elephant the whole time. BIG achievement for someone who has managed to avoid running AT ALL in the last thirty-nine years. {Btw, I do other things while I’m there. I don’t just turn up and run for five minutes then leave}.

And yeah, the whole thirty-nine-about-to-be-forty thing may have had led in some small way to the gym thing.

The best thing about the gym may well be the whole hour I get to spend listening to my iPod.

Wait, did I just do a whole blog post?

Til next time,




  1. Excellent! You know what I prefer to get exercise at home with work out videos or outside with hiking/walking when possible but I’ve been a gym member for years. I even have a personal trainer isn’t that weird? I use the treadmill, elliptical and a series of machines/weights that are mostly for arms & legs. I just put on music and do the stuff alone. I’m not social there at all, I do not have nice work out clothes and after all this time I’ve still not joined in on a class. Glad to hear it’s working well for you. And that your little on is safe.

    (psst: I don’t feel like blogging either)


    1. Wow a personal trainer! I’m thinking of getting a few sessions to make sure I use my time well but we’ll see. No fancy workout clothes here either!

      And yes, one of the cousins, doing better now thank goodness.


      1. I only have the trainer because I won a discount during a raffle, otherwise no, I’d never afford it!. It does help…I learned a lot about properly using machines that I would’ve never guessed without her but I don’t actually like her much, personally.

        Oh a little cousin-scary, glad it’s all better now.


        1. Yeah that’s it, I would like to be doing things properly and not going for months for nothing.


  2. Yum – just looked over before I started to comment! You have been busy. Sorry to hear about your little one, glad things are better there, and as for the gym, I wish everyone would stop doing it, I’m slowly thinking I need to start doing it!! Nice to see you 🙂


    1. Em it wasn’t my little boy but thank you, I say our family meaning the extended bunch of cousins. {I should clear that up!} Thankfully he will be okay.

      And I’ve seen some of your photos, no gym necessary!


  3. Hi, Ana!
    Glad to hear an update from you!! So….let’s see if I have this figured out – you’ve been cooking, baking, and working out? Nice trio you have there!! 😉
    I am doing a health & fitness challenge in May, focusing on strength training and water consumption. I’m excited for the changes. 😀
    P.S. I’m sorry about your little cousin, but glad that he’s doing better now. XO


    1. Thanks Valerie. I may not be posting as much because I enjoy the down time but at the same time I can’t seem to really stay away! The fitness challenge sounds interesting, hope to hear more about it.


      1. Yeah, blogging breaks are a challenge, for sure!


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