Blue hair and whiskey…

A month after joining the gym I have finally realised that if I want to get there every day like I planned it’s going to require some sacrifice. While I love the middle of the day workout when the gym is quiet and deserted there is always something else I need to do or somewhere else I need to be. And I really love my gym time and love what it does for my {sometimes very bad} moods. So last night I set my alarm for six in the morning, and when I found myself awake at 5.35 am and unable to nod off again I knew it was time to bite the bullet and become that person who drives to the gym on a cold and rainy morning while it’s still dark outside. Just to be perfectly clear: that person has never been me. Never. Ever. Can you imagine all the “wtf’s?” I was saying out loud to myself when I found the car park completely full at 5.55 am?

For Mothers Day I bought myself a FitBit Flex bracelet to track my steps, but I am now {just a bit} obsessed with the fact that it also tracks distance {“I gotta make 10 km’s today…”}, calories {“I’ve already eaten HOW much?!…”}, sleep {“What? Was I really awake at 4.23 am?…”}, and water consumption {therefore I suddenly have the urge to drink more just to be able to track it}. I have visions of it taking over my life, like I keep imagining myself at a party and wanting to eat more cake and my FitBit telling me I’m not allowed: “You have exceeded your calorie allowance today you greedy bitch. Do you want to lose that last five kilos or not? Put the f***ing cake down”. It’s all very science fiction-like. {In my head anyway}.

I may just be raising the cutest kid ever {sorry folks}, but it might also be time to give him a reality check. The other day when I asked him to put something in the bin, he very theatrically rolled his eyes and sighed before saying “I thought YOU were the one who does all the work around here!” Me thinks it’s time he got some chores.

{But he’s just so damn cute}.

Also cute was his Mothers Day card that he made at school. He gave me blue hair {“because you’re a punk”}, and my signature red lips. He also declared that, “My Mum is funny when…she has problems in the kitchen.” I guess this is five-year-old’s code for my-mum-swears-a-whole-lot-when-she-makes-three-batches-of-pastry-and-they-all-go-in-the-bin. Which may or may not have happened recently.

And in another mark of how much the times-they-are-a-changin’ his class all made mobile phone holders for their Mums.

No paddlepop-stick photo frames for this generation.

On Facebook this morning one of my favourite bloggers asked for some tips to ward off the start of a sore throat. Amid all the honey, garlic, vitamin, and echinacea suggestions was mine: gargle with whiskey. Or scotch, bourbon, tequila, in fact any strong spirits you have to hand. Is this a wog thing or does anyone else do something similar? You know how the Greek father in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fixes everything with Windex? Well, Croatians fix everything with alcohol.

A big thank you to The Best Neighbours Ever who recently gave me a house key and let me use their washing machine for the week that mine was dead. You guys are lifesavers.

It got scary when one of my sons started raiding his fathers closet.

And naturally the minute my machine was fixed it started raining.


Anyhoo, it’s Friday!

Have a good weekend folks.



  1. You could pull off a stripe of blue in your hair! Sweet drawing, sweet kid.
    I saw something once about successful people doing runs or gym time early in the AM, so maybe you’re on to something!


    1. It’s the only way I’ll get enough time to do it, plus I like that I got it out of the way early.


      1. Plus too late or night work outs can disrupt sleep they say.


  2. Umm so I tried your suggestion, but I forgot to gargle – hence why I’m slpuring my words!!!!! hee hee. Thanks for this post, I needed a good laugh tonight!!!!!! Just smashed back some vitamins, with a vodka and lemon drink – surely that counts? xx


    1. Vodka AND vitamins! That’s the best combination! Hope you feel better. Xxx


  3. Hi Ana,
    Love the Blog…
    Especially the publishing of our cute ones artwork..
    Are Kindy teachers allowed to say how clever particular students are?
    Shared his response with the boss who is a bit of a punk also…though unable to carry off the blue hair in my opinion.
    Fran xx


    1. Thank you, I love the artwork, and the phone holder! And yes, the boss is a bit of a punk, maybe a blue streak? I hope you have a happy mothers day.


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