An Ounce Of Home

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip?

I thought long and hard about this, which is today’s prompt in the Daily Post writing challenge.

Typically my mind then went to work over-analysing the idea. Who am I going with? But I would never be away from home for a year by myself. Am I in the present or would this be when I was young and single? If my Husband is with me then surely the kids are all old enough to look after themselves, in which case I would be talking to and emailing them and wouldn’t need a tangible reminder of home. Which single item says home to me?

See what I mean about the over analysing?

So for arguments sake, and the easiest scenario in which to imagine myself being away from home for that long, let’s say the kids have all grown up and hubby and I are going to live somewhere in Europe for twelve months. {Paris, Tuscany, and Dalmatia all sound good 😉 }

What would I take?


Is it weird that no one item signifies home for me? The “things” {for lack of a better word} that mean the most to me are in my head and heart, or they walk beside me and sit at the table with me. The truth is that these days communicating and staying in touch has never been easier, so even distance and time apart is easily dealt with. The voices I love most can be heard with the press of a few buttons. And if hubby and I did ever get the chance to live elsewhere for twelve months I would, realistically, be taking more than a few small objects.

So does that mean I fail the prompt?

Or do I already carry all that I need in my heart?

Til next time.

  1. I always snap a few pictures of my pets before trips. Then when I’m away I look at them at some point, maybe before bed. It’s a little thing I started doing in 2009 but it’s a comfort and I make sure to take those pictures every time.That’s what I would bring if that counts. Your answer is perfect though, I can’t think of anything that symbolizes home either(except my pictures) and especially nothing that’s portable.


    1. I love that you do that with your pets photos. That would be a comfort, for sure. I was thinking photos at first, and if I really had to choose something that’s what it would be.


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