Wtf? August already?

August. I don’t get how that’s possible. Didn’t the school year just start about five minutes ago? Is it just me or can anyone else feel Christmas creeping up?


  • soccer is over for the year. No more early bone-chillingly cold morning starts. You know the kind, when the wind chill drops the temperature by several degrees and you can no longer feel your fingers or nose. When asked what sport or activity he would like to do next year Mister Five decided on Aboriginal drawing.
  • Getting an early taste of Spring, like the other day when Sydney was warmed by 25 C temperatures and an unseasonably warm and almost balmy breeze. A nice reminder that Winter has only a few weeks left to go.
  • All three of my older children are now officially employed! And the older two are back at uni, meaning that I may actually have the odd day when the house is quiet and clean at the same time.
  • Developing a green thumb. I now own my very first indoor plant, which took me a while, I know. I have also been very spoiled in having the in-laws look after my backyard and all the wonderful vegies they grow there. With them away I have planted the next batch all by myself and am actually, surprisingly, remembering to water them every day.
  • Having a cat. Simba the stray has adopted us, and with no-one answering the disconnected number on his name tag we have been looking after him. Having only owned a dog before it’s interesting seeing the difference in behaviour. Simba is pretty banged up and looks to have been living rough for a while, and is warming up to us with some caution. He’s a bag of bones and fur and not much else, so naturally my mission is to fatten him up.
  • seeing Clare Bowditch and Adalita tonight.


  • when shitty things happen in the world. Terrorists shooting down planes, conflicts which target innocent people, and parents losing their kids. And the frightening knowledge that it can happen to anyone, with no warning.

And on that thought there’s really not a whole lot to complain about is there?

What are you loving today?

Have a good weekend all.


P.S. Stay tuned for my July FMS Photo A Day wrap up coming very soon!

  1. so many good things, especially Adalita which you could be at right now.

    I’m sleepy but I’m gonna start keeping track of of the good stuff. I use to do that and I’d like to think it helps me appreciate each day more.

    your new pet is pretty and looks very sweet.


    1. Lots of good stuff around, but the cat ain’t so pretty I’m afraid, but definitely in need of love.


      1. When I got my beagle from a shelter she was skinny & fur-less, now she’s a happy blob. Nice of you to take the cat in, it’s gonna get gourmet home cooked cat food I have a feeling.


  2. Or not there right now! I googled “what time is it in Sydney” right after I commented for fear of being very wrong and I see it’s far to early to be Adalita showtime, but have a blast later!


    1. Lol, will do.


  3. What the actual right? AUGUST! So scary, I haven’t achieved all that I set out to do – I haven’t even got all my winter clothes out! Mind you it’s hardly cold here really! x


    1. Lol, I’m jealous, it’s chilly here today.


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