July Photo A Day Wrap Up

It’s been a while since I last joined in on a Fat Mum Slim photo a day, and with the help of some really cool photo apps that I have only just discovered I really had fun. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed lately you would have noticed that I’m getting a bit obsessed with adding text and phrases to my photos, and I thought I’d share the apps which allow the most fun with that sort of thing.

  • Pixlr is my absolute favourite app for the sheer extent of editing features available. There are tons of downloadable extras like borders and effects, it’s actually better on Android than it is on Apple, and is also free. There are no phrases but there are a lot of options for fonts and stickers.
  • Little Moments app is by the creator of the FMS photo a day, Chantelle. It’s only available on Apple at this stage, and I am making do with having it on my iPad. It costs a couple of dollars, with extra in app purchases. It has a lot of free filters, very funky fonts, as well as the cute phrases that we {okay, I}, love so much.
  • A Beautiful Mess is quite similar to Little Moments, but has the advantage, for me, of being available on Android. It has fewer filters, but features the fonts, phrases, and doodles that I am addicted to like.
  • Rhonna Designs app is one I have only just discovered, and if it’s phrases, words, doodles, fonts, and all kind of added graphics you’re after then look no further. There are no borders but it still allows for a whole lot of creativity. It also costs a few dollars to buy but there are so many features so as to make it worth it.

And now on to the photo a day pics…

Actually less text than I thought, and as I look back there’s also {unsurprisingly} a lot of music and food related interpretations of the prompts.

If you also play along with the FMS photo a day then by all means let me know your name and where to find you, it’s always fascinating to see how differently {and cleverly} everyone interprets a word.

Til next time, have a good week all.

p.s. the “shhh…” I added to my finger actually had someone in my house taking hold of my hand and checking to see if there was something I had forgotten to mention 😉

  1. I love this challenge, it makes me take photos and is a great recollection of what our month has been like!! Love your interesting photos. x


    1. Thanks Em, it is a bit of a way to remember the month. Especially when they fly by do fast!


  2. I’ve wanted to try these for a while but I hesitate for reasons but your photo set is really cool. I think I remember you had a little ninja turtle once for one of the challenges.


    1. You should join in, you take excellent photos. But it’s just more the creative challenge, how can I represent that word?


  3. Awesome! Loved your month in pictures! Xxx


    1. Thanks Mary. X.


  4. This is great! I love and adore your shots.


    1. Thank you, it gets my thinking cap on!


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