It’s got to be…purrfect.

“Mum can we get a pet?”


“Why not?”

I’m guessing I’m not the only parent to have been faced with those words. And in fact about ten years ago hubby and I looked at each other and thought, why not indeed? And in short time we became the owners of a beautiful beagle pup, purchased at premium cost from a breeder all the way across town. He was cute, we were smitten, and the kids loved him.

Let’s just say it didn’t end well and leave it at that. I still don’t like to talk about how it ended, and I still miss him. Tough love led to some tough lessons.

So when they inevitably began asking for another pet some years later the answer was an emphatic hell no. I confided in hubby that I would actually love another pet, in particular a cat, but would wait until the kids had all grown up and I could devote more time to it.

The chorus grew louder.

Eventually I announced that if some stray animal started hanging around I would be happy to feed and care for it, but I was no longer interested in fancy breeds, pedigrees, or bloodlines. After hearing about unethical backyard breeders and puppy farms I swore that any future pet would come from a shelter or pound.

Lo and behold! About a week after saying that a very sorry looking ginger tabby turned up at our door. Simba was the name on his tag, but sadly for Simba no-one answered the number on it. The kids started spending time with him, I started buying cat food, and he even managed to sneak into the house a few times, and would only leave very reluctantly.

Last week one of the kids got a text message from a neighbour that Simba was lying in the middle of the road. I took a look outside and my heart broke. It looked like poor old Simba had quite simply lied down and died. He didn’t look like he had been injured, he was just a very old, and probably a very sick, cat.

Well, there were tears. We were all quite shaken, and it didn’t surprise me when a few hours later my husband said, “what do you think about adopting a cat?”. Proving that telepathy can exist after this many years, he had read my mind.

I jumped online to check out the rescue sites. I also ended up on a classifieds site that I had no intention of using, and was horrified to see kittens going for $900 each from what were obviously the worst kind of backyard breeders. Lucky for me our local shelter had all their animals listed on their website, and after weighing it up decided that an older cat who was already trained and in need of a home would be preferable to a kitten, which would be like having a baby all over again.

Been there, done that. Babies and a puppy. No thanks.

So the next day we went to the shelter, just to, you know, “have a look.”

But after spending over an hour in the cattery my son and I were in agreement.

We were adopting.

A kitten.

Not because they were impossibly cute and tiny.

Basically because I’m a sucker.

That, and the argument put forward by my son that kittens were easier to train, it had never had a family, yada, yada, yada…

Oh, and the small fact that my son was lit up with happiness as he cuddled this small black scrap of fur.

The dinner table conversation that night very excitedly centred on what her name would be. Some of the names ruled out were:

Iggy, Ivy, Ava, Cali, Chloe, Misty, Missy, Kitty, Puss, Paris, Coco, Ruby, Lily, Lulu, Lana, Mercy, and Lucifer.

{Plus some too rude or inappropriate to actually share.}

Then my OCD kicked in and I started insisting on a two syllable name with a hard consonant and a second name of either one or three syllables as everyone knows that sounds best.

For a while there the strongest contender was Maya. I love the idea of a middle name and thought Maya Rose sounded nice. But only after Maya Macaron was emphatically shut down. {The idea of a second name was also emphatically shut down, but I’m the one doing all the paperwork 😉 }. I put the call out on Facebook and Twitter, and I gotta say Katniss and Salem were both pretty cool names, and Bonnie Tyler is an awesome name. But with six of us all weighing in and with one of my sons somehow giving himself the self appointed final word, it was looking like a unanimous decision would prove impossible.

In the end we made the decision when she got home.

Say hello to Lola.




  1. Aww she is cute <3


    1. She sure is. X.


  2. We are totally going to do the same, in a few months, not sure about a kitten but will see what the rehoming centre has too many of and take one – you’re a good mumma! Love the name!


    1. I think about a year old is perfect, but as you said, the best thing to do is see who needs a home the most. I love the name, but I still slip and call her Bonnie!


  3. Lovely! Congrats on your new arrival!


    1. Thank you!


  4. Awwwww sooooo cute! Loved reading this. Thanks again for sharing. Xxxx


    1. Thanks Mary, it was a pleasure. Xxx


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