Frocks, more frocks, and not knowing how old you are.

You know how some things get lost in translation?

Sometimes when it comes to telling time in the Croatian language, there is a unique way of saying, for example, half past six {or six thirty}. Older folks will often say it’s half seven. Literally translating their words, it’s half of the hour towards seven. When it’s six thirty.

Are you with me so far?

{Of course you are.}

They do a similar thing when it comes to birthdays.

According to some older Croatian folk, on the day I turn forty I will in fact be forty-one. The logic goes that on each birthday you have just completed that year, so the day after my fortieth birthday I will in fact be forty-one. It does make a certain amount of sense, because it’s true that on the day I turn forty I will have wrapped up forty whole years, and the next day marks the first day of my forty-first year.

It just makes things a bit confusing because we always think they’re just trying to make us older than we are, and they think we’re dumbasses who don’t even know how old we are. Or how to tell time.

It’s also that time of year again: birthday season!

Turns out Pinterest pins mean nothing. I say this because one of my most pinned uploads is a dress I bought late last year {and pinned because it’s so hot}; and is now for sale on eBay. It’s quite simply not selling. It still has tags on it, is gorgeous, and no thanks, $20 is not an offer I will consider since I paid over $150 for it.

Speaking of frocks and cash, this October I am combining my love of dresses with a worthy cause. I have signed on for Frocktober, and will be wearing a dress every day for a whole month. I will be sharing daily pics as proof on my Instagram account, in the hope that people find my fashion sense so dazzling that they feel inspired to donate some cash. {Or something like that.} I figure that with blog subscribers, Facebook and Twitter, we should be able to raise a healthy amount towards finding a screening test for ovarian cancer. Every little bit helps, and I have started the ball rolling with the first donation, and I will also make the last one to round off whatever is raised to the nearest hundred. I promise I have tons of really pretty frocks to make it interesting, all pics will be full length {*gulp*}, so let’s all get on board and see how much we can raise. You can head to my page and find out more here:

Everyday Hero: Frocktober: Ana

I will also be sharing updates here on the blog as donations {hopefully} come in. Ovarian cancer in particular is nasty because there are usually no symptoms until it’s already advanced, and we desperately need a screening test. I think it’s safe to say we have all been touched by cancer in some way, and after being inspired by a couple of my favourite Melbourne chicks in their own fundraising efforts {hello Rocklust and Girlbug 🙂 }, I’m ready to give it a red hot go. Look for the tags #frocktober and #fuckcancer.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


P.S. my Instagram account {at ana74x} is currently set to private, but don’t hesitate to request a follow. I promise I don’t bite. It’s just a way of keeping pesky spammers away.

  1. Count me for a Frocktober donation, I’ll make sure to do it before the deadline, awesome of you to join in on that and raise money for an important cause.
    That IS a gorgeous dress! I was selling some stuff earlier in the year, much cheaper, much less pretty stuff(more like junk) but I had some luck selling faster when I made posts on Tumblr to advertise & wrote a little story about why I was selling with personal details. That sounds corny but it seriously did the trick after a selling dry spell!
    Half Seven & the “41” vs 40 does make sense actually. Hadn’t heard it before, it’s a cool little Croatian quirk and it’s logical.


    1. Thank you Susan, anytime before the end if October would be awesome.

      I might try tumblr, thanks for the suggestion.


      1. No problem & thank you for bringing it up. I usually do the Farm Sanctuary fundraiser this time of year and didn’t so I need something worthy to support anyway.


  2. Come payday I’ll be making a donation too. Both my mum and my paternal grandmother died from ovarian cancer. My mum was diagnosed too late (what with there being no symptoms and all). In Croatian terms she would have been 51, which even with rounding up is too young.
    My grandma wasn’t diagnosed at all – bit too late to realise at a postmortem.
    And the doctors say I’m not in a high risk category because you have to have THREE family members have the disease within a certain number of generations, even though I’ve only got one sister and one aunt. So no screening for me or my daughters. For a disease with no discern able symptoms! Sucks, right!
    So, yes, count me in!
    And thank you – can’t wait to see your dresses too.


    1. Oh wow GSM, that is cruel. I’m so sorry to hear about your mum and grandmother, that is so so young. It sucks that the medical establishment has such rigid rules because cancer sure as fuck doesn’t. A great reminder that we need this kind of fundraising to get that screening test asap. Thanks for getting on board. Xxx


      1. No, thank you.
        I’m gutted that Frocktober only happens in Australia. This needs to go global!


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