#frocktober2014 day 1.

I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to #frocktober getting under way, especially as the last two days of September saw Sydney graced with gloriously hot weather, which more than took care of any lingering Winter chill.

Day one was a little cooler, but still sunny, so I kicked off with a frock I’ve had for a few years by Princess Highway. I love the 1940’s vibe, and it’s a very comfy dress I can easily wear all day no matter what I’m doing. I did have to add a denim jacket later in the day but it worked well with the look. Mac lippie in Ruby Woo completed the retro look.

{Just quietly, the posing and daily full length shots are the real challenge here, the frock part is easy.}

I’ve already reached the halfway mark to my $500 target with very generous donations from some dear friends, which is fantastic. But let’s not let the target stop us, let’s see how much we can all raise together. Remember to head to my Frocktober page to donate, and to see all the other donations, messages, and updates.


And don’t forget the challenges, let’s make this even more fun!

Til tomorrow,


  1. Such a stylish lady!


  2. Cute! I love the laughing pic in the middle. 😀


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