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It was with great excitement that our local mega mall revealed it’s long awaited makeover last October, and with it an impressive brand new dining precinct. Much of the excitement centred on the opening of Mejico. And after hearing lots of good things from whoever had most recently dined there, it was with great anticipation that we accepted an invitation to join friends there this past long weekend.

I’m not one to wax lyrical about the decor or fit-out, and unless it’s a complete disaster I hardly pay attention. In short it was industrial, hip, and dark. Current chart hits playing. Think skulls hanging from the ceiling, lots of old looking black metal, and exposed insulation and ducting. In due time we were all seated and agreed to start with a tequila shot, and making a selection from the 230+ types of different tequila was made {slightly} easier with the nifty wheel thingy on each table. First you select your budget {from basic to aristocrat}, then your level of bravery {coward to daredevil}, and finally your preferred style of tequila {woody, earthy, caramel, etc}. Our waiter was helpful in explaining all this to us, but to be honest with that many to choose from it was a bit like, just bring me a shot of tequila, ANY tequila. Our waiter also insisted that it should be sipped, which I tried, but no. Thrown back with a slice of lemon is the only way for me. No slices of lemon were provided so it was a big rough. Next time I’ll skip the tequila and go for a margarita instead. I decided against a margarita this time in favour of sangria. The red sangria was really good, but the white version looked and tasted even better. {And is on my Christmas menu next year, with it’s pomegranate seeds and mint leaves}.

For groups of over eight people a set menu is recommended. The best of these options is the “feed me” menu for $55 per person, which offers the chef’s selection chosen from the following menus: starters, raw, small plates, taco’s, big plates, and dessert. The basic set menu starts at $65 and has far fewer options. The “feed me” menu had so much food, so many different dishes to sample, and the serves were so generous that we all left feeling completely and utterly full. All up including drinks {sangria, beer, tequila, soft drinks, and mineral water}, of which there were many as it was a very hot night, the price came to $80 per person. Value for money? Tick.

Now for the food.

I’ve stated before that I hate taking photos of the food when we eat out. As soon as I knew we were going to Mejico I wanted to do a blog post, but I wasn’t going to take my hefty DSLR along, so the photos were all taken on my mobile phone. They’re okay but not great. That said, they still more than convey how good the presentation was and how inviting the dishes all looked.

First up as part of our chef’s selection were the street style corn lollipops. Chargrilled corn cobbettes served with a chipotle mayo, melted cheese, and with popcorn scattered over the top. A bit of heat in the mayo made for an interesting bite, and since there’s no really elegant or easy way to eat corn cobs other than with your hands, also signalled a night of hands on dining. {Which is perfect for the Mexican style of shared plates anyway}. Dish number one was a hit.

Next out was the salmon ceviche. Really well cured, lots of coriander punch, and a hit of lemon right at the end. It was served with tostadas and was so good I was sorely tempted to dig in with a fork and skip the tostadas altogether. Definitely one I plan on recreating at home. Fresh, light, and delicious. Perfect summer eating.

On to the small plates and the next few dishes were knockouts. The quinoa salad with goji berries, goats cheese, and baby beets was a winner in my book. It was full of flavour and texture, and was very moreish. This was joined by the whole bullhorn chilli filled with chorizo and black turtle beans and topped with a fiery sauce. It was too hot for my palate, but the flavour was unbelieveable and I wish I could have handled more of it.

We were served two different tacos and they were both so good. The tortillas were small and soft, and the fillings few but perfect. The first one was Texcoco style braised lamb, the soft pulled lamb was so richly full of flavour. Possibly the winner at the table of the two tacos was the soft shell crab version, with crunchy crispy soft soft shell crabs joined with a cabbage and apple slaw and zesty lime mayo. For me it was the lamb for their sheer simplicity and depth of flavour, but the crab were excellent too.

Time for the big plates, and by now we were all way beyond impressed with all of the food so far. The whole deconstructed sole is a wow looking dish, with the fillets served inside the crispy edible shell of the carcass, all curled up like a bowl. The fish was moist and flavoursome and as I love my fish and seafood I was happy to see so much of it in the chef’s selection. We also got the charred grain fed sirloin, cooked medium rare and served with a chimichurri style sauce. Succulent and cooked to perfection. Rounded off with the classic patatas bravas and their fiery sauce and aioli, and everyone at the table was happy.

Dessert was another classic, fat golden churros served with melted chocolate and cajeta. If I was nitpicking I’d have to say that some of the churros seemed a little undercooked, with slightly doughy centres, but that really would be nitpicking. Without question the whole meal was exceptional. The service was excellent, the staff attentive, helpful, and friendly. The dishes were spaced out to allow time for leisurely eating and chit chat, with time between dishes so that you never felt like you needed a breather. The price was also very good, especially considering how much food you got for it.

Next time, and there will definitely be a next time, I’ll be ordering the guacamole, which is smashed table side in a large pestle and mortar and served with plantain chips, and looked amazing from what I saw at a nearby table. The salt cod croquettes were calling my name, and I will definitely make sure to try the margaritas next time, I can’t believe I had Mexican food without a single margarita!

The verdict: highly recommended. Take a group of friends and head out for some great food, cocktails, tequila, sangria, music, and a relaxed and happy vibe. For more information and to make a reservation head to the website:

Mejico Miranda.

Til next time,


*This post was not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. 

Update: we made it back not long after, and the guacamole was every bit as awesome as I expected, and the margaritas were S O  G O O D. {I may have had way too many}.

  1. That’s alotta tequila choices, I wouldn’t know where to start. I love Mexican and this food looks so fresh and authentic tasting but modern looking and the entire night sounds so fun. I think the price is well worth it when you have such a good time with friends and eat the best food, I’m all about that. It’s not just paying for the meals(which here looks outrageously delicious) but the whole experience as well. Too bad it’s out of my reach!


    1. You would be a lot closer to authentic Mexican food though. But it was a good night, and I like to be pleasantly surprised when I eat out.


      1. We’ve got authentic Mexican but nothing like that particular restaurant in Buffalo is all, like that whole style & multiple courses, looks really tasty and like a very good time especially with all those tequila options!


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