Valentine’s Day, hipsters, and hangovers.

So that day is just about upon us once again. The day dedicated to professing our love and/or admiration for another. The day to get all romantic with your lover. The day for hearts and flowers.

A. K. A., a complete crock of shit.

You know when Valentine’s Day is cute? When you’re about five years old and get to make a heart shaped card at school for your mum or dad then come home and present it to them amid lots of cuddles.

Like Mother’s and Father’s Days, Valentine’s Day is really about selling shit. Astronomically expensive roses, overbooked restaurants offering nothing but a set menu, high expectations and pressure. The whole thing is an invitation for disappointment.

We mostly skip the whole thing. Occasionally there might be a dinner out, but I hate set menus and hate packed restaurants and prefer to cook something special at home. (We can also both enjoy a drink at home 😉 ). This week I won a double pass to go along to the official launch fiesta of Mejico restaurant at the newly revamped Miranda Westfield, so I decided that could double as our Valentine’s Day night out.

Except for the fact that it was a stand around and eat canapés and drink margaritas in a room full of hipsters kind of thing. Which would have been awesome if I was a hipster. Or if we liked to stand around while eating off a tiny serviette. Or if we had managed to actually eat more than four canapés each.

Four canapés to four margaritas. You do the math. Hello Friday morning hangover.

By the time a). I was drunk and b). we realised that we had apparently just had four bites of food for our entire dinner, it was nine o’clock. Time to hail a cab and call it a night.

In other words, let’s go home, eat half a bag of crisps, and go to sleep.

In other news I’ve made a hairdressers appointment for the big chop!

Also, my Instagram stream this morning informed me that J Mascis has just landed in Australia ahead of his solo tour!

And it’s Friday!


Have a good weekend folks.


P.S. Despite leaving hungry {but drunk 😉 } I actually did enjoy the Mejico launch. It was something very different for us, and I really enjoyed the speeches by the founder, owner, and head chef, it was inspiring to hear their stories. And while there probably should have been a bit more food being passed around, a big thank you to the management and staff nonetheless. I’ve never won anything ever {probably because I never enter anything} and it was fun to experience something new. We have enjoyed a night out there with friends and the food {and service} really is exceptional, so we will definitely go back.

P.S.S. How do you like the new header? Thank you PicMonkey for being so easy to use!

  1. First off I thought that last bit said “That pic of the monkey” so I scrolled up “what monkey?” ohhhh picmonkey okay. I like the header!
    I’m back & forth on Valentine’s. I LOVE all the pinky-purple stuff out this time of year, sparkly hearts and glittery junk and I adore the lights on houses because it’s like Christmas lights all over again already! But in all red! However the holiday is for sure more about business and making money and ensuring people believe they need to pay up to show their love. My friend Jen hates Valentine’s and feels that everyday there are opportunities to sincerely show love for your partner but I don’t mind have one extra specific day for that either, to make it an even bigger occasion. That being said the celebration can happen at home instead of at an expensive dinner or without commercial junk purchased from the store way marked up in price. I think if people enjoy what traditional Valentine’s has become they should go for it(though they’re contributed to the gross commercial part of it) but it seems like so few do that and mostly do it out of obligation with last minute stops at the drug store to pick up whatever flowers are left or whatever $5 chocolates. That’s not very loving!
    So I dunno. I’ve always loved sharing Valentine’s wishes & little gifts with girlfriends like cupcakes or a card which makes me think I’m more about Galentine’s(Thank you to Amy Poehler on Parks and Rec for that one) than actual Valentine’s Day because I’ve literally never ever given a boyfriend a Valentine’s Day gift OR done the dinner out. I am saying here that I like the idea but I don’t even do it myself other than with my best girlfriends….I don’t like the pressure or obligation especially in a new relationship(awwwkwarrrd) and yet I think Valentine’s can be I dunno. I like bits of it but I don’t even participate in the traditional sense, ever! I feel more offended getting some weird stupid teddy bear or thoughtless crappola from the store, it’s embarrassing, I’d rather get nothing and skip the day or hang out and be low-key in the end.
    I swear I’m almost finished with my rant. Last I hate how people are into Valentine’s Day judge people who don’t participate or don’t celebrate the way we see couples on TV shows do and act as if that means “Oh your husband doesn’t love you like mine loves me” Um shove it up your ass! I had another thought but I’ve forgotten it which is probably a good thing. GREAT POST!


    1. Yeah, the pressure of expectations, ugh. Galentines?


      1. Galentines
        “ladies celebrate ladies” <3


        1. She’s a legend.


      2. lol i’m sorry for that HUGE comment to begin with bless you for reading it.


        1. I look forward to your comments!


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