New hair don’t care.

I did it.

And in a freak case of omg-what-the-fuck I actually got the hair I pointed to in the pictures.

And despite the indisputable fact that I will NEVER be able to style it like the hairdresser did I still love it. So far I have straightened it and it works perfectly; and I have also left it to air dry and do it’s own thing and again it works perfectly. I guess it’s safe to say that this haircut is the right one for my hair type.

I also swapped my Mac bold red for Nars candy pink and I gotta say I feel like a whole new person.

Something just occured to me the other day: did Kim Kardashian actually succeed in breaking the internet with those crazy-ass nude shots? No? Didn’t think so.

Another celebrity related question: is it creepy to admit to being dazzled by how gorgeous the Beckham kids are? Harper sitting in the front row of a fashion show looking like a doll is too much cuteness right there.

Even Anna Wintour can't take her eyes off them...

Even Anna Wintour can’t take her eyes off them…

I finished reading Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and it was one of those novels where the ending actually made the whole story worthwhile. You know when you keep pushing yourself to finish, but then you get to the ending and it makes the whole story seem like it was more amazing than it actually was? Yeah, a bit like that. I have started on her Booker prize winning book, The Blind Assassin and am liking it already. In between those two though I also squeezed in Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You, which was the one that sparked my creative juices. I also watched the movie of it and it was just as good. Go read and/or watch it asap.

Funny thing happened last week: someone commented on my Facebook page {for my cooking blog} on a link for a new post. The funny part was that the comment actually made it glaringly clear that the person hadn’t read the post but had made a guess what it was about based on the title and the sentence or two contained in the status post.


J Mascis hits Sydney in solo mode this weekend with my mate Adalita in the support slot. Meeting us there are two cousins who are going along based solely on seeing J and Ads perform a duet on the popular music quiz show Rockwiz two years ago. We’re all excited for a great night.

Have a good weekend folks,


P.S. One of my sons didn’t notice the new do for FIVE days.


  1. Hahahaha, boys hey?! Pfft!
    Love the hair – super cute and uber stylish 🙂
    Enjoy the gig xo


    1. Thanks hun, and will do! X.


  2. OooooooOoo love that hair! Such a flattering cut and cute style! I think I am jealous of your hair, your before picture is good too-healthy, shiny, dark hair. Either way you win!
    I get those guess comments sometimes too & I try to be friendly back anyway but it annoys me “don’t try to trick me into reading your blog jerk!”
    I didn’t enjoy This is Where I Leave You, the movie version, too much and was a little disappointed but I am interested in the book. I like the idea A LOT just didn’t like some of the casting and stuff in the movie though I appreciated other pieces and I always like Jason Bateman.
    I love their duet (and Adalita’s eyeshadow!)–do you think they’ll do a song together?
    I can hear her Aussie-ness when she says “around” =)!


    1. My hair actually isn’t shiny at sell, must be a good filter! Tends to dry, but I am loving the cut.

      Jason Bateman us excellent, and the movie was actually very true to the book, I thought the casting was perfect. But the writer also wrote the screenplay so maybe that’s why I liked both. You probably will like the book better, if you do decide to read it.

      Yeah her dark eyeshadow is kind of a signature look, I love it too. I hope they do a song together but I’m not sure. Will let you know!


      1. I would never have known!! Same here though, dry dry hair, such a pain!
        I’ll give the book a go & then maybe rewatch. I didn’t care for Tina in it but I normally love her.

        Can’t wait for the recap of the show, I bet you’ll get a chat in with Adalita.


  3. Every time I get my hair did I go home sing “your clothes never wear as well the next day and your hair never falls in quite the same way”…it’s so frustrating! Oh to be able to have a hairdresser do my hair! It looks great! -Aroha


    1. Lol. Although I know people whose spouses are hairdressers and they complain about how hard it is to get them to style their hair!


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