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One of the definite pluses to having up to eight people to cook for most nights is the fact that sometimes you have a great excuse to go all out. Especially when it comes to the style of eating usually referred to as shared plates.  Whether it’s Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern mezze, or an Asian banquet, having so many people to cook for means that when I do get a hankering for any of those we get to enjoy it properly. {And can I just say that I absolutely LOVE share plates?}

Recently I had a go at making proper Chinese barbecued pork, and while I was at it I decided to also add it to some mee goreng noodles. I also had two snapper in the freezer as well as a couple of nice ling fillets perfect for fish cakes, and just like that we had an Asian banquet on our hands.

The final results looked like this:

{Not the best photos, to avoid getting the DSLR out every night I use my phone, and apparently my dining area has THE WORST light right at the time I’m serving dinner 🙁  }.

I recently spotted a really good little cookbook, filled with tapas recipes, and I finally got a chance to prepare the spread I was dreaming about, right at home. Using recipes which all came from the book {Tapas and other Spanish plates to share}, we had the warm chickpea and chorizo salad, ham and mushroom croquetas, a cod and spinach potato tortilla, and garlic chicken wings. Bonus points to my Husband, who whipped up the warmed olives, with lots of garlic, chilli, bay leaves, and orange peel.

Btw, the croquetas were insanely delicious, and everyone loved them. I’m looking forward to playing around with the fillings and flavours.

But undoubtedly the most popular style of shared plates in our house is good ol’ Italian style antipasto. I can’t even begin to count how many days I have come up blank with dinner inspiration, only to head to the deli counter and load up on cured meats, cheeses, olives, and all manner of marinated and/or pickled things. Add a warmed baguette and everyone is more than happy.

Do you have a favourite cuisine? Do you love share plates?

Am I mad that I love having an excuse to cook so much food for no special reason?

{Or am I just too greedy? 😉 }


  1. This post made my mouth water. I’m not a very good cook but my mother is an extremely great cook even though she’ll deny. We have a ton in our family so she’d always be bustling around the kitchen baking whatever her heart desired. Recipes are so fun to discover and try. I’ll take a peek at some of the ones you have here. They look delicious 🙂


    1. Thank you. And I think that anyone who likes to bustle about the kitchen is most likely to be a very good cook!


  2. Your family eats so well! Such a fancy bunch! 😉
    Hard to pick but I usually gravitate towards Greek or Mexican though I love me some Italian and other types of cuisine. I grew up in an area with a lot of Polish food, some German and there are Greek restaurants and diners on every corner. In my own house we had a variety of food with a lot of American style dishes/country dishes but also lots of traditional Irish-American dinners. That all being said I’ve always loved breakfast and breakfast for dinner. The more I try Indian food the more addicted I get.

    There’s a delicious Iranian restaurant I use to go to after school once a week to read and do homework. I’d order hummus with pita bread and pomegranate lentil soup and a pistachio cream roll for dessert. It was SO yummy but the restaurant is disorganized. They would flip flop on coupons, promotions and advertised deals and the owner refuses to deal with customers directly. They built up a sour reputation for not honoring their word or deals on sites like livingsocial and groupon and trying to sneak in higher bills. It’s a hassle every time you pay and I had a very difficult experience with this to the point where I had to stop supporting them but the owner is a stupid idiot asshole fuckface so whatever. =)!

    I’m open to trying tons of new cuisine and I should probably make a point to seek out restaurants here with food I haven’t sampled before. In fact I’ve meant to that in the past few years and try a new restaurant at least once a month that way but I forgot I guess. Korean barbecue is popular here but I’ve never had it.

    I don’t usually have the chance to have shared plates for dinner but sometimes during holidays there’s something similar to that.


    1. Mexican is one of my favourites, I forgot to mention that too. Sucks to the Iranian restaurant, it’s hard to believe they try to get away with shit like that. I don’t get a chance to eat out a whole lot, but I definitely like to try new things. Korean BBQ us huge here, and I’ve never tried it either. But then I only trued Thai a few years ago despite living in an area where there are Thai restaurants everywhere.

      I don’t know if we eat fancy, but it does seem like home cooking isn’t what it used to be wgen I was a kid!


      1. I’ve never had Thai:/ As far as Asian cuisine goes I’ve had Chinese, Japanese(and can’t remember it it was a long time ago) and Indian so I’m lacking major league in that department. I love vegetarian sushi too.
        You are fancy schmancy eaters!!


        1. I love Indian and vegetarian anything. You should try Thai if you like Indian, it’s fresher {for lack of a better word} and lighter, and there are lots of vegetarian options. Love sushi. Vietnamese looks really nice but I’ve only really had pho and salads.


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