It can’t be April yet can it???

Guys this week has been crazy. And now we’re just a few days out from school holidays and Easter and I still keep thinking the year has only just begun.

Adalita wrapped up her month long residency at The Gasometer on Wednesday night, and we were there. I’m glad we chose the last show to see because the energy and excitement was electric. Adalita herself seemed to be having a ball, and was joined onstage for a few songs by members of her band, Dan {drums} and Matt {bass}, as well as Ramona from Dark Fair. There were covers of Iggy Pop and Roy Orbison songs, lots of laughs, and a large black ceramic panther perched in front of the stage.

We got to chat to Ads after the show and take some photos. Unfortunately I decided to use my husband’s iPhone instead of my Samsung because for some reason I thought iPhones took better photos, but {maybe also due to the poor lighting}, the photos are all quite dark. There were a couple taken with the flash which are so overexposed that we all look like ghosts. And as I played around with the photos I realised I have LOTS of pictures taken with my favourite rock chick, so it’s all good. The memories are there regardless of photo quality.

Adalita at The Gasometer 25/03/2015

Adalita at The Gasometer 25/03/2015

What made the trip a bit more special for my husband and myself was the fact that we took our eldest son along, who was also there in an official capacity as reviewer. {Link to come.} It was his first time properly visiting Melbourne and he loved it.

Dinner at Bottega was an absolute winner. Yum.

My six year old managed to render me speechless the other day when he brought me my phone, to show me that he had gone into the eBay app and had found the toy he was after when he gets enough stickers on his reward chart. The reward chart, by the way, that he insisted we make so that he could get that very toy in the first place, after I explained that you didn’t just get new toys for no reason.

One of my favourite subjects: eyebrows. On Instagram I follow a cosmetic tattoo artist in Canada who does the most amazing job of permanent cosmetic tattooing. And until I can find someone in Sydney who does as good a job without charging a thousand bucks for the pleasure I’ll stick to my pencil and shadow. But unfortunately I have had to learn the hard {and stupid} way that the eyebrows mother nature gives you are probably going to be the ones that look best. Mine had been overplucked for so long that I was surprised when I saw one of my wedding photos the other day, and lo and behold! Full brows. Not thick or bushy, but nice and full, and exactly the shape that I aim for now. I honestly never remembered having brows that shape. And I could blame the 90’s but it was probably only about four or five years ago that I put the tweezers down.

Top to bottom: 1993, 2006, 2015.

It dawned on me this morning that most of my blog posts are a collection of extended Facebook statuses. Kind of like that sentence right there.

I loved a tweet by a Melbourne politician who said this about our Prime Minister and a favourite Lemonhead:

Of course he’s from Melbourne.

A shout out to our internet provider Telstra, who DOUBLED our monthly data allowance at no extra cost. We now have a massive 1000 GB to use every month. Just in time too because…

…we finally got Netflix! And it’s funny how suddenly everyone is openly commenting that they don’t have to illegally download anymore.

But it sure would be nice if my computer didn’t freeze EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to go into the iTunes store.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. To update something I mentioned in my previous post, Deli Fresco have every intention of re-opening in Miranda Westfield as soon as they can! They are talking to centre management and Ben told me he is determined to stay open in the area, so that’s great news!!! Yay!!!

  1. So much to comment on, where to start!
    The Ebay thing is impressive but also adorable. These clever kids!
    The Adalita show-you already know my thoughts: Amazing.
    Excellent news that your favorite deli is determined to re-open. Take that greedy mall landlord or whoever!
    <3<3<3netflix<3<3<3 you must share some of the movie picks.
    The Lemonheads reference tweet is phenom, I'd vote for that guy.
    iTunes takes about 50 years to open on my computer and it drives me batshit.
    All three eyebrows looks the style of the time though wouldn't you say? They all work on you and I had thinner brows years ago too it was just the way then and then fuller brows came back. But if thinner brows make a comeback I don't know that I'll join in either…eyebrows are tricky!!


    1. ITunes is doing my head in, I have to force a shutdown every time. I just don’t know if I uninstall will my music be there after reinstalling?

      I definitely wouldn’t do thin eyebrows ever again. Thin was of the time but it took me far too long to see that it didn’t suit me. But all good now!

      I’d vote for that guy too, that was so cool.

      The ebay thing just floored me. All I could think was, imagine if I had one click purchasing enabled. Gulp.


      1. Anything you’ve imported to iTunes like mp3s/cds will not be there so copy them somewhere else on your computer so you can import them again(like windows music or another thingymerbob) but all your iTunes downloads will remain. If it seems like something you purchased directly from iTunes is missing there’s a spot you can go in and retrieve anything you dl through them=)
        I like thicker brows on me but sometimes I see people with thinner(but not thin-thin) brows that look great on them, like Reese Witherspoon, but I’d be too scared to try in case they didn’t grow back in so if thin comes back I’m shit out of luck.
        HA. I took off the one click purchasing for myself because it was too easy to accidentally click!


        1. That’s what I was afraid if with iTunes, most of the library is imported off cd’s, etc. It’s backed up on a hard drive but would take ages to add back in.


          1. I hope you figure something out. Maybe call Apple and ask if there’s another option, which I’m sure you thought of…and the hold time would probably be forever. :/


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