Brrr…it’s cold in here…

Bloody hell. Winter isn’t mucking around this year.

Day one kicked off with record low temperatures and had everyone going wtf?! Beanies, scarves, and gloves were dug out quick smart, and said digging out led to a cleanout of cupboards in about three different rooms as well as the Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs.

The six year old lost his brand new gloves on day three.


I got a huge boost last week when I had the halfway point weigh-in and measure for the workout and eating program I’ve been doing. The results were even better than I had hoped for. Kilos and centimetres have been shed, and I am at my lightest weight and smallest jeans size ever. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog post with all the details.

Also can’t believe how little alcohol I’m drinking these days. Even at the wedding I didn’t even finish my second glass of wine. Not that I needed any help having fun because the big day was amazing!!! Our beautiful neighbour slash adopted daughter brought more than a few tears to my eyes, she looked so happy and absolutely breathtaking. And her gorgeous new husband couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. The whole day was perfect, and with two sets of families ready to celebrate and have fun there was a lot of love, so many smiling faces, and a LOT of dancing. Even the weather was perfect, offering up the only rain free and sunny day that whole week. The ceremony took place at the spectacular St Mary’s Cathedral, in the crypt which is beautiful and I didn’t even know existed. And despite being sick with flu’s, colds, and a chest infection the week leading up to the big day, we were somehow the last to leave the reception.

And I think we all realised that calling ourselves neighbours doesn’t even begin to describe how close we have become in the decade plus that we have lived next door to each other. I also loved my dress, which was handy considering I was in it for sixteen straight hours. It was every bit as comfortable as I thought it would be, and my $5 Kmart heels made yet another appearance and proved once again to be the best dancing shoes I have ever owned. New beauty obsession: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. It’s a tinted pomade that sets and colours your brows at the same time. It’s very smudge proof and even somewhat waterproof, and comes in a whole bunch of colours. You do need a steady hand and a light touch, but with the right brush and a bit of practice application is a breeze. And while they don’t look as natural as actual human hair brow extensions they do look very good, giving you the defined look that’s everywhere you look at the moment. Whether you have brows and just want to define them, or if you have sparse brows and need to fill them in, the Dipbrow Pomade is excellent. I do recommend you also grab the Anastasia Beverly Hills no 12 brush, with the angled brow brush on one end and the spooly brush on the other end {perfect for grooming brows and combing the pomade through}.

Dancing. I absolutely love to dance and have ever since I can remember. I was that dorky kid in front of the telly trying to copy all the moves from her favourite music video, and the girl next door and myself tried and failed to recreate the final dance number from Dirty Dancing when we were about thirteen. We recently celebrated a cousins’ eighteenth birthday and apart from loving the fact that everyone who felt like it could play deejay, we all had a good proper night of dancing.

In their backyard.

And singing at the top of our voices.

We may have also sang and performed the choreography from the finale from Pitch Perfect.

In other words, a top night.

Til next time,


  1. That dress is smokin’! I wouldn’t dare try to wear that (bc I’d look terrible!) but it is made for you. That’s seriously a gorgeous dress, it looks super “designer” to me and I know I sound like a dork.
    Congrats on your health/eating program results! I need to shape up quite a bit. So easy to fall off after a while…definitely need to get back into it or try something new. Maybe when you share your secret.


    1. Honestly, anyone could wear the dress, it’s really flattering. It definitely looks fancier than the brand and price would suggest, and I can’t wait to wear it again.

      I fell off the wagon big time, I think since the Christmas season I’ve been eating and drinking without stopping, and I ended up way over my happy weight. I think the wedding and upcoming trip spurred me on! But I wish there was a secret, but I’m just too vain!


      1. Good to know! Though I still think if I attempted to step out in that amazing dress people would think “Why is she trying to be cool!” haha.


        1. Lol, I doubt it.


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