Guess who's back?

Four months.

I never planned on staying away for four months.

But one look at the date of my last post and I’m not surprised. Even as I raced through the writing and uploading of the last couple of posts things around here were frantically busy. The end of April straight through to the end of June were the craziest two months I can remember in forever.

We celebrated my daughters sixteenth birthday, which she had with her best friend. I volunteered to make the cake after we somehow left ourselves a week from the big bash without having ordered one. That alone was a three day marathon. The month of May saw every single weekend completely booked out, culminating in the wedding of the gorgeous couple whose kitchen tea was featured in one of my last posts. It was every bit as beautiful and joyful as we knew it would be.

Birthday girls.

Birthday girls.

A few weeks later my oldest son headed off for a big European summer holiday, and a week later hubby, myself, and the two youngest kids followed suit. And that’s where the rest of June and all of July went.

Lots of time spent eating the delicious fresh and locally grown produce. Cooking is really simple because Croatia is still a country that has the old style fresh food markets, where people sell only what they have grown themselves. Sure, the supermarkets can offer you rockmelons from Ecuador and peaches from Italy, but the local seller picked their fruit and vegies that morning while you were sleeping, and their peaches will burst in your mouth and taste sweeter than anything you remember. We’re also spoiled that we have a lot of family who grow their own food and are happy to share with the visiting Aussies. So whenever we are there we enjoy tomatoes that would make the ones we buy here hide their faces in shame, and jumbo sized zucchini and watermelon. Freshly picked potatoes are so amazing that you feel like you are tasting the humble spud for the very first time, and humble it aint.

Then there’s the aunt who has the best pancake stand in the whole country.

The fish market in Zadar offers an amazing array of freshly caught fish and seafood, and it was our routine to stop for a morning coffee before heading off to decide what was for lunch.

In the week we’ve been back home it’s been hectic yet again, but then after all those weeks of relaxation and sun I’m not complaining.

I’ve also been weighing up what to do with this blog.

It’s something I’ve only ever done for my own personal satisfaction rather than any aim of making money, branding, or growing into something bigger. It’s become the place I record the recipes I want my kids to have one day, a place to share our favourite foods, and as much as I have enjoyed it I’m just not sure if there are going to be many new recipes. I’ve always loved working in the food industry and for most of the last year I have been studying hospitality and looking at ways to get back to work doing what I love. There are a few options before me, and as I work towards deciding which is the right one the aim is to be too busy to blog.

You might have noticed I have changed the name just a bit. I never liked using my name in my blog titles, but choosing the perfect name for your blog AND it being available is near impossible, let alone if you want a custom domain without the dot wordpress part added in. So throwing in my own name was always a way around that, even though I didn’t love it. So The Delicious Files it is. {What I really wanted was “What’s For Dinner?”, because there is not a single day that I don’t get asked that at least three or more times!}.

I hope you stick around, because I honestly don’t know what’s next. There might be more recipes or there might be some big announcements. I love cooking and entertaining too much to just walk away, and I hope to share each new and exciting bite.

Til next time,



  1. Your Croatian vacation sounds DELICIOUS. I like The Delicious Files. I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since a post on here. I didn’t go on an awesome vacation but I think this year is flying by too especially spring & summer. I want to eat the middle picture right now.


    1. It was very delicious. Sooo much good food Glad you like the new name. I ferl like the year is glying too. Way too quick. X.


      1. Someday I’ll eat my way through part of Europe. I hope.


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