Hey there 25 year old me…

I thought I’d just pop in and say hi, I know how much you love the whole “letter to yourself” thing. Remember that time we wrote a letter to sixteen year old us? That was pretty cool. And I know how much sixteen year old us would have loved to read something like that. We’ve always been good at suspending disbelief at any age, haven’t we?

So we’re now forty years old. I think you will be very happy to know that our fortieth birthday was quite the bash, and was even better than our thirtieth {which is about as far ahead as you’re thinking these days}. And forty year old me decided that twenty-five year old me needs to hear a few things from the future just as much as sixteen year old me did.

A lot has changed in our lives since that twenty-fifth birthday. I think if I was to tell you all the details your head would literally* explode. So I won’t. Family relationships are not what you think they are, and sadly, some of the people closest to us are not who we think they are. I will just warn you that there is heartache ahead, but not with that awesome guy we married. He’s going to be your biggest champion in ways that you can’t even imagine yet.

I wish I could convince you to speak your mind more. I know you think that it’s just easier to stay silent and let things blow over but there will come a point that you will have to stand up for yourself and you are going to struggle with saying what needs to be said. Try, just sometimes, saying what you’re really thinking. Especially if you think it will shock people. Just try it, please.

You are deeply entrenched in the parenting front lines right about now. Those three kids are your whole world and I remember how easy those days were. You know what I’m talking about. Our kids are awesome, and our days are smooth. Life is good. That tiny little girl you’re still breastfeeding is going to bring you every bit of frilly girly pink-hued joy that you’re imagining. And those two boys are going to blow your mind when you see them in another fifteen years. You know how we were never cool or confident? Well those three kids are going to be every bit as cool as we only dreamed of being. Just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re an excellent mum and they are going to be really good people.

And you know how you always wanted four kids? It’s gonna happen, but not when you expect it. And it will turn everything you think now on it’s head. In the best way.

You’re feeling disgustingly fat and frumpy right now. You avoid mirrors and I hate that there is only ONE photo of us with those kids from that time. So what if you’re overweight with bad glasses and worse hair? Yeah I said so what. I want you to know that you are going to take all those ideas about fat genes and the inheritance of fat and throw them out the fucking door. Right now, six weeks away from our forty-first birthday, we weigh the same as we did at sixteen. Yeah, sixteen. It’s going to be a hard slog, but you will do it. You will also sort out your hair and switch to contact lenses and be hotter at forty than at thirty, and I want you to hang in there because you are going to do it, even though you think it’s just an unachievable fantasy. You are going to be thin again!

A few other things that might shock you: you will take up smoking again. Then stop. Then start. Yep, that “social smoking” you can take or leave will become something you need and crave. And you know how you don’t really drink? Well that will change too until you can mix the best margaritas this side of the bridge. Oh yeah, we’re going to move in a couple of years too. And we’re going to land the best neighbours ever and they will become like family.

I don’t want to reveal everything, there are so many surprises ahead that I want you to discover for yourself. I just want you to keep doing what you’re doing and everything will work out how it’s supposed to. Yeah, we still believe in fate and destiny and all that stuff. Actually we’re probably even more open minded now than you would believe. I can’t wait for you to see how much we are going to change.

Oh, one last thing: travel. There’s going to be lots of it you lucky bitch.



*Yes, we still hate the misuse and abuse of the word literally.

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