Hello October.

I can’t count all the times this week that I’ve thought to myself, how can it be October already? 

October is hands down my favourite month of the whole year.

This month is our family’s birthday season, even though it technically begins the last weekend in September. My three boys, myself, one niece, and our neighbour all have birthdays. There’s also our wedding anniversary {22 years and counting}, and today is the exact day I met my husband in 1990. So many reasons to celebrate and the month is always one very long cake and champagne filled party. What’s not to love?

The last month has also been a whirlwind of long days and lots of time spent getting our new business off the ground. Throughout all the excitement and unexpected stresses {like finding out we had no barista the night before we took over}, I have been loving it. I was super lucky to find exactly what I had been searching for: something small which had tons of potential. Closed on Sunday’s was a must, and close to home was important. The bonus has been spending time there and discovering that this unassuming little cafe actually has its own unique character, and that all it needs is some love.

I’ve also realised that my playlists aren’t all that cafe friendly. Too many rude words popping up and mostly too loud and guitar filled. I finally got some time, and in true OCD fashion I’ve assembled the songs I can handle listening to all day long which are also customer friendly.

It’s still mind blowing that I am actually doing what I always dreamed of, cooking and selling my food to paying customers. Running my own business. It’s like all those inspirational Pinterest quotes come to life. But I will say that the old cliche about getting out of your comfort zone is so true: JUST DO IT.

The feeling is amazing.

It seems like just a few months ago I was celebrating my highly anticipated fortieth birthday and exactly twelve months later, looking back, this past year has been a really good one. It was this time last year that I finally took steps to address my mental and emotional health, and it was probably the single most important thing I did in 2014. This year also began with hopes and ambitions for some kind of small business, and I’m still pinching myself that I’m actually doing it.

Forty has been so good to me, and I’m more than a little sad to say goodbye to it. Forty-one is such a random, odd little number. I can’t handle odd numbers. I’m an odd number hater and will choose the evens any day.

Loving Apple TV. We watched San Andreas today, and despite the tried and true disaster movie formula {main hero estranged from wife, pretty teenage kids, saves the day and wins back soon to be ex wife}, I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to watching Jurassic World in a few days.

I’ve also never been happier for the school holidays to be over. My poor neglected soon to be seven year old has very happily spent the last two weeks almost continuously staring at various electronic devices. Lots of guilt for me when I finally had time to notice, and no complaints from him. Its going to be a whole new routine involving lots of juggling and lots of help, something I’ve never been good at {the asking for help part}, but am learning fast that I can’t do without.

Speaking of help, a special mention must go to my daughter, who very very selflessly stepped up with babysitting for the better part of the holidays. She even got teary eyed when we told her we wanted to give her a special thank you gift.

Not that she wasted any time in requesting a brand new iPhone.

{I’m might be a bit jealous of the phone.}

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday night by watching the footy grand final.

Just kidding.

I’ll probably go cruise Pinterest for more inspirational quotes.

Til next time,



  1. happy belated bday! Mine was last week #almostTwinsies I have mixed feelings about school going back. For the most pat misses 7 and 9 were good and we had lots of plays with friends but there were times when I screamed ‘i wish you were back at school!’ #shameful Hate doing the school run… Is Ruby Soho your new biz? Looks awesome! I’ll have to swing by soon x


    1. Thank you, go team Libra! I always love school holidays except wgen I’m working. And yes Ruby Soho is the new cafe, it’s been crazy and exciting. Make sure you pop your head in the kitchen and say hello! X.


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