Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: Abba.

Not where you expected me to start, is it?

The moment I saw Rosie’s new Sunday series over at A Red Lip and A Nude Shoe I knew I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Music has always played a huge part in my life. I always thought of myself as a bookworm and I was always with a book nearby, and still am at present. But it’s the music that I truly drowned myself in. The words and tunes spoke for me when I couldn’t find the words, they painted my dreams in vivid and loud colour. The voices coming at me from that big bulky double cassette player, and later the CD cassette combo, were my friends. And to be honest, at 41, it still feels that way.

My next thought was, can I even come up with that many artists?

So I sat down with my iPod and my thinking cap and started to write a list. To fit the criteria an artist, band, singer, or musician had to have been, at any point in time, what I would term an obsession. The kind of music you listen to SO MUCH that for the rest of your life you will remember every word of particular songs. The music that was, and is, the soundtrack to my life, to a time, a place; a song or artist wrapped up in vivid memories. They had to have captured my imagination in some way, be it through the words they spoke or, more frequently in my teens, the way they looked. Later in life I consciously sought out women whose music resonated with me. I have always loved female artists. Be it through their lyrics, their music, the way they deliver them, their attitude, their philosophies; I can’t help being drawn to women who have the talent and gift to express themselves through music.

In saying all of that the obvious choice to start with was Adalita {and fear not, she will make an appearance}, but then I thought back to the first time I can remember playing a record of my own choosing. We had a limited selection, and only an ancient turntable to play them on, but Abba was my very first choice. It was the very first piece of vinyl I put a needle on, and the first album I got obsessed with. Some of the others will be popping up down the line, but Abba captured the heart of Australia in a huge way, and who was little ol’ me to resist?


I rarely listen to Abba these days if at all, but it’s not because {like with some other bands}, I no longer like their music. Abba is one of those bands I will always have a soft spot for, will always get up and dance to, and will always sing along to whenever it comes on anywhere. Abba is, in my memories, five, six, seven, eight year old me in the spare bedroom, hairbrush in hand, singing like my life depended on it and getting lost in pop music for the first time.

And while there were many Abba songs I came to love, it was this one, on the one Abba album we owned, that was played the most. And I know I wasn’t alone. To the diehard Abba fans, this one’s for you.

Til next time,


  1. My friend Mike use to play Abba all the time. I can’t remember if I was there or if I just remember hearing the story 50 times (hope my memory isn’t going…) but when he was a senior in HS he drove around the parking lot in loops blasting “Dancing Queen” with his windows down. He got a lot of attention and I think maybe onlookers thought he was doing it to be ironic and goofy but he seriously loved Abba. It’s just so feel good. He also brought the most unexpected tapes & CDs into my car to play and he always brought Abba’s greatest hits.


  2. Reblogged this on A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe and commented:
    As some of you may know I started a new series last Sunday called “Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to my Life” in which I’ll be sharing my fave bands and singers and little titbits as to why I adore them (it’s not always about the long hair and leather pants ok!).

    This idea really resonated with Ana, a fellow Aussie blogger who also happens to be a mad music fan. We’d “met” each other through our blogs but we met in real life briefly at an Evan Dando gig here in Melbourne – MUSIC LOVERS UNITE!

    Ana loved the notion of documenting music that had made a difference in her life too, and I wanted to share with you all her first post from last Sunday. She writes a hell of a lot more eloquently than I ever could and really pinpoints the magic that music can bring. I think my favourite line from her post is: “the words and tunes spoke for me when I couldn’t find the words, they painted my dreams in vivid and loud colour.” Right?!

    Check it out….


  3. I just said to Rosie this morning that I want to go back to my mums veranda circa ’77, singing my heart out to ABBA with my friend. A time when the only problem in life was making sure that I was Agnetha and my friend was Frieda. Good times. X


    1. Good times indeed. Thanks for reading. X.


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