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No surprises here.

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I first heard of Adalita back in the mid 90’s as frontwoman for the band Magic Dirt. The song Amoxycillin {listen to it below} grabbed me some time around ’95 but it was another decade before I got well and truly hooked after seeing the Dirt open for The Beasts of Bourbon.

What the heck took me so long?!

I’ve wondered more than once what it is about her that has captured me so completely. I have always been drawn to female artists ever since I can remember, and I guess it’s seeing a woman on stage kicking so much ass with nothing more than an amazing talent that gets me every time. Adalita is also one of those rare musicians that people seem to get a red hot crush on and get obsessed with faster than they know what’s happened. {And not just me either, at least judging by all the comments on social media}. I love her music, her songwriting, her voice, her live shows, her presence on stage and off, and her love of performing and live music.

Having met her now more times than I can remember, having hung out with her post gig, having stayed in the same hotels and shared more than a few drinks together, she feels somewhere between a real life friend I can message on Facebook* {and sometimes drunkenly do}, and someone I still get awed and starstruck by. I am though, without question, a fan first and foremost.

She told me on new years day in Tasmania that her next album is scheduled for release mid 2016, and the excitement and anticipation is huge. The acclaim and praise for her two solo albums has been so well deserved, and she is a much loved and highly respected figure in the Australian music industry. {Tim Rogers from You Am I calls her his little sister 😉 }.

I know that whatever she does next I’ll be there, not because I’m incapable of being objective, but because she is that good. She is one of those musicians, and we all have one that we love, whose music we know we will love no matter which direction they go in. The fact that she is a lovely person in real life is an awesome bonus.

Despite the fact that her solo albums are on the list of my favourite albums of all time, the video I’ve chosen today is from a Magic Dirt show in 2009. They played at the legendary Annandale Hotel, and it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to EVER, with the band absolutely on fire and having a blast. This video highlights Ads at her best, having fun on stage in the small venues I love so much. Enjoy.

And make sure you check out Rosie’s pick for this week, click HERE. It’s someone who I have a very soft spot for, being one of only three cassette tapes hubby and I listened to the whole six months of our honeymoon trip to Europe.

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*Yes, we’re FB friends. She very graciously accepted my friend request back in early 2011. That’s how awesome she is.


  1. I don’t know why but I’m not a fan 😁😁 perhaps I need to go to a show with you and check her out again as an adult. I love the way you speak about her! xx


    1. It’s funny what grabs one person and not another. It took me a while, but I think the changes in Magic Dirt’s style of music helped. The older stuff was not my bag back when it came out but is now. I am so far biased now that I can only suggest you check her out and see for yourself! And lucky for you she plays in Melbourne a lot! {Jealous!!!}. I think I have a tragic case of adult fangirl disease, lol.


  2. I will probably get her next album. Of all her songs you introduced me too, and I thought each was good, I still feel that “Hot Air” is so hypnotic and I can’t figure out what it is but it’s got to be one of my favorite songs now. Not favorites by her only, just a favorite song in general, right up there next to “Hannah & Gabi” and “Everlong” which have been among my top favorites foorrr soooo long. So, “Hot Air” is quite the song. I wish I knew “Amoxycillin” when I was 14. I can see myself boppin around in my room lip synching to that while I flip through all my magazines and draw in bed.

    Very cool that you consider yourself a fan above all because that means the music matters to you most.


    1. Hot Air is definitely hypnotic, and it’s pretty special, I agree. Also possibly the very first solo song I heard her play long before the album was released. As for Amoxycillin I used to blast that when my first two babies were awake, because it needs to be played loud. I can see you liking that too.

      Definitely a fan first and always, judging by how excited I still get to see her or talk to her, lol.


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