Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: PRINCE.

This one is so huge I don’t even know where to start.

For half a decade Prince was everything to me. The word obsession probably doesn’t even begin to do justice to how much I loved this man and his music, and how much it meant to me.

{A good clue though was the fact that I seriously begged my parents to let me choose Apollonia, Prince’s co-star and girlfriend at the time, for my Confirmation name. My argument that it is an actual saint’s name {feast day February 9th, which I didn’t even have to Google}, held little sway.} 


I was introduced to Prince by my cousins, who were like my big sister and brother and a huge influence musically. I don’t remember the exact year but it was probably around 1985, Raspberry Beret had already come out, Purple Rain was still huge and he was still playing with his band The Revolution. {Major jealousy of Wendy and Lisa.}. Even after my obsession waned and was replaced by another, I always kept up with his music and loved listening to his old stuff.

I was pretty young {not even 12} for music that was often explicit and mature. I don’t know how many times I listened to Erotic City through headphones, scared shitless of being busted but loving the song too much to stop.

Turns out the song has it’s own Wiki page, which you can find HERE.

I didn’t see him live until many years later, in the early 2000’s, and I had an absolute ball. I wasn’t following his career by then and hardly knew the newer stuff, but I enjoyed listening to everything he played that night, his talent and musicianship was pure electric entertainment. There was also a medley of his older and most well known songs, and even now, remembering how it felt to listen to him sing Purple Rain in the same room, to sing along with the ooh-ooh-oo-ooh’s at the end, gives me goosebumps. It was magic. Eleven year old me was crying tears of joy.


I still think his body of work is incredible. I still listen to his music and always will. I still can’t have a party and not play Let’s Get Crazy, and my cousins and I still remember him, and those years we went purple crazy, with so much affection.

It was SO hard to choose one song to sum all that up, and when I went searching on YouTube it turns out that there were pretty much no official music videos there, it seems due to Prince himself. {Not surprising in light of his various dispute’s with the record industry itself}. So here’s Purple Rain, taken from the movie and album of the same name.

Maz, this one’s for you.

And don’t forget to check out Rosie’s Sunday Session this week, you can find it HERE. It’s a beauty of an entry and definitely one that will be making an appearance on my own list at some point.

Enjoy your weekend all.


  1. Oh man! Prince is the absolute coolest!! Such a great post and I still think your parents should’ve let you use Appolonia 💋💋


    1. I will show my daughter had wanted to use Apollonia. 😏


  2. Oh man did I enjoy hearing The Batman soundtrack by Prince when I was a little kid, I remember boppin’ around when I’d watch the VHS.
    I LOVE THIS STORY & that you finally saw him in the early 2000s. He’s one of those artists that seems to endure and is so respected and everybody seems to like him no matter their usual taste or genre preference. & That you wanted to choose Appolonia–that sums up the obsession right there but it’s actually very very cool. I may have said this before but my favorite, at least growing up, was the song “7.” I’m enjoying these posts!


    1. Yeah I was chuffed when he did Batman, it was so mainstream. He definitely endures, and Apollonia! I also loved the woman herself, she was in Purple Rain and I thought she was so beautiful.

      I vaguely remember “7” but not well. He has so many good songs. And I’m glad you’re liking the posts, I’m having fun revisiting some music I haven’t heard in ages.


      1. To be honest I didn’t realize he DID the soundtrack at the time I just thought it was many Prince songs in the movie and I loved it. Call me a moron but I was like 7 years old. I loved it though!! It never occurred to me that maybe it was considered selling out or something…I bet more people were upset about that too.
        I’m unsure if this’ll play for you ( and it’s incomplete anyway) but here’s “7”
        I can’t find a copy on youtube. I think all his music is on lockdown.


        1. Yeah I think he has pulled all his videos. Might try find out why. Thanks for the link.


          1. I think he wants people to purchase them though I might be wrong. A lot of artists just have their own vevo channels obviously but some of them are like “NO! You shant watch this for free!”Sorry the video is crappy quality!!


  3. […] Not really a proper Sunday Session this week, the only artist dominating my thoughts these past few days has been the late, and spectacularly great, Prince. His purple highness passed on a few days ago and all I can listen to is his music. He was the subject of my third Sunday Session this year, which you can read HERE. […]


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