Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN

The year was 1983. The excitement levels in the house were massive as we excitedly unwrapped a brand new contraption that would let us watch endless amounts of movies in the comfort of our own home. The decision had been made, VHS had won out, and the very first movie was pushed in to the slot as we sat back ready to watch.

The movie was Grease, and my first huge and all consuming obsession was born, cemented with that years favourite Christmas gift of the double vinyl soundtrack.


What the kids of today will never understand is getting so into someone or something who is no longer a household name and having no such thing as Google to be able to stalk them. I was about eight years old, desperately going through magazines and newspapers trying to find Olivia Newton-John’s face, with only rare moments of success. There was great excitement when we rented Xanadu from the video shop and I somehow got my hands on the soundtrack {generous cousins I think}, and then she reunited with John Travolta for the movie flop Two Of A Kind in 1983 {which I saw on video in about ’84}.

I cut out photos of Olivia as well as John Travolta and stuck them in scrapbooks, had a list of questions prepared should I ever bump into either one of them, listened to the records over and over and over, and even convinced my grade three teacher to let us perform Grease as a play one rainy day.

I loved so many of her songs, from her various movies as well as her older singles. I thought she was beautiful, and one of my absolute favourite songs was one of her least well known {from the movie flop Two Of A Kind}, called Twist of Fate.

Remember to check out Rosie’s entry this week, definitely one of my favourite obsessions that took over a whole year of my life in 1989. Click HERE to read all about it.

{Actually 1989 isn’t only my favourite Taylor Swift album, it was a big year musically for me and so many others. Might be a blog post in it ;-). }

Til next time, Ana.

  1. Hahaha brilliant!! Grease was fabulous and I never understood how we got away with watching it as kids with the huge amounts of adult content in it. I got to see ONJ last year in Vegas and she was great. Such a sweetheart! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. I know! I only got it YEARS later, lol. She really has an amazing voice and sang the heck out of all her songs. I enjoyed writing this one!


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this music video! Such a fun post. Very true that it wasn’t easy at all to find celebrity “stuff” like we can at the push of a few keyboard buttons now. I loved looking through those yearbook type thick magazines they’d sell about either everything “big” that happened that year or the one’s that completely chronicled so-and-so’s year or “rise to fame.” The pictures were rare and you only saw them in those special edition magazines.


    1. Yeah, I remember the world book encyclopaedia year book, it was a highlight. But every little thing you managed to dig up felt like gold! I had fun writing this post and listening to her again.


      1. Olivia is so talented too. I remember thinking she was such a feminine, delicate looking person and just so pretty but I wouldn’t have put it in those words as a little girl just “she’s so pretty.” I loved her character in Grease. You made me think about which songs I loved and I remembered this one:
        How embarrassing. I forgot all about this song but when I was probably around 6 years old I thought it was a GREAT song and loved if it came on the car radio.


        1. She was so pretty, that’s exactly what I thought too. And I still can’t resist watching Grease when it’s on TV. So good.


          1. In 7th grade our basketball coach let us play the Grease soundtrack on the bus and it became a post game ritual. Would you go see Olivia live if she was around? I think she’s actually performing here soon or just did.


            1. Cool coach!

              I don’t think I would, I’ve become so used to small shows that Rob and I both enjoy, someone like Olivia would be an expensive trip down memory lane just for me. But I really enjoyed listening to her music again while I wrote this, so much so that I’ve added an Olivia play list to my music! Just for me to enjoy.

            2. That same coach wore stirrup pants with high heels though–not so cool!
              That’s very true & I agree with that idea. I’ve skipped all the shows that come to the casino here which are usually kind of coveted whether it’s something like Olivia or Smokey Robinson…it’s pricey and I don’t find it worth it to go to the type of venue I dislike normally just to either do the memory lane thing or be able to say “I saw so and so.” It’s more fun to just play the music in the car or at home, seriously!

            3. Loud and no-one can hear you sing!

            4. Have you ever gotten into someone’s car with them as as soon as they start the ignition and realize they forgot to take out their embarrassing music they come up with an excuse when you didn’t even ask? I always thinks that’s funny. I wouldn’t care though!

            5. No, I would actually love if they thought it was embarrassing, but sadly they usually take it very seriously so I can’t even make fun of it.

  3. Gloria Scivetti January 24, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    I’m a closet Grease fan – I’ve seen it & sung along as far back as I can


    1. Get out of the closet! It’s a classic! Xxx


  4. Can’t beat a bit of Grease!


    1. That’s for sure!


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