1989: not just the title of my favourite Taylor Swift album.


As I was drafting a Sunday Sessions post the other day it dawned on me that 1989 was  a big year in music. Maybe not for me, with my biggest feat that year being to fall head over heels for New Kids On The Block, but there were a lot of cool things that happened that year musically.

Now I’m going to say up front that there’s no way I can be assed researching all those cool things. I do recall from various books I’ve read that it was a big year for some of my fave bands, like Mudhoney {the Sub Pop darlings of ’89}, Nirvana {Bleach came out that year}, Madonna {Living On A Prayer}, Bon Jovi {favourites then, not now}, and of course Tay-Tay was born.

But it was the songs that I remember most clearly. Sure there was a whole bunch of important stuff happening in the world, but topics like Tiananmen Square, Exxon Valdez, and the fall of the Iron Curtain make little impact on my small world. I did register the death of Bette Davis only because it happened on my birthday, and didya know that Yugoslavia won Eurovision that year?

So while Kathleen Hanna was just months away from forming the Riot Grrrl movement and the state of Croatia in which my parents were born teetered on the brink of independence and war, I was singing about hangin’ tough and dreaming of marrying the guy with the one-clip-undone denim overalls. And since not every one hit wonder I ever loved is worthy of a Sunday Sessions entry, and because I have no shame in owning some of the lame ass music I once adored, here are some of the gems I was listening to in 1989:

I still love that song btw.

Um, no comment.

This one is also on a playlist somewhere. Very cool, still.

TWENTY MILLION views. TWENTY MILLION people actually clicked on this video. But who am I kidding, I still know every word and would so get up and dance to it if it came on. Which it strangely never does…

The less said about that video the better.

There are a lot of 1989 entries coming up in the Sunday Sessions. Bands and artists I may not listen to much anymore, some I do, but all represent so much more than a one song infatuation.

Til next time, Ana.

p.s. the kids in the first photo? They didn’t even exist in 1989.

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