Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: BON JOVI

In the summer of 1986, as the school holidays rolled lazily by and I spent time hanging out with my friend, she pulled out a record her brother had bought home from a trip to the U.S. It was called Slippery When Wet and was by a band called Bon Jovi that neither of us had heard of.

It was the start of a huge musical crush for both of us, of years spent bickering over who had dibs on Jon and who would have to settle for Richie, years spent listening to every song on every album and countless hours spent gazing adoringly at the posters of Jon Bon Jovi on my walls.


The strange thing about this particular band is that, as much as I loved them once, that’s how much I don’t like them now. I can’t put my finger on when or why it started to change but, unlike other bands whose music I no longer listen to but still have affection for, these days Bon Jovi leave me cold and unimpressed.

As in, I fucking hate Jon Bon Jovi’s smug face these days.

The only affection I now have for this band is the memories of my friend and I, our crazy obsession for these guys and their music, endless hours fantasizing about becoming their women. But that’s what the soundtrack to my life means, I suppose. Music that represents a certain time, place, people, and memories that come wrapped up in those songs so as to be inseparable from them.

So in that spirit, here is the song that I probably loved the most back then.

Anita, this one’s for you. xxx

P.S. Jon’s all yours. Richie too.


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  1. Who did I use to love but fucking hate now? I have to think about it…but I love how hardcore you just rejected Bon Jovi! I still like them but not in any special way but there’s several songs I still turn up if they come on the radio or on my mix CD (But “Livin’ On A Prayer” is not one them considering how overplayed it’s been forever). “Runaway” and “Bad Medicine” still get turned up and I use to LOVE the Young Guns 2 soundtrack (how embarrassing is that??) when I was little! This was fun to read especially because it has no current adoration for Bon Jovi. He IS smug looking isn’t he? My friend Andrea is extremely obsessed with him and she’s even waited at the airport for him when he’s in Buffalo:/
    Oh, Andrea.


    1. Yeah, I totally just went, I fucking hate this guy. I can even listen to some songs but I cannot see his face.

      MO embarrassment allowed. We’ve all loved lame stuff. X.


      1. “I cannot see his face.” lmao


    2. Did you see Rosie’s entry?


      1. Yes I did ( lemonheads!!) & still need to comment.


  2. I have the exact same feeling!!! They were awesome and around the time of the These Days record he completely lost it for me. His voice isn’t what it used to be and hearing how he treats the other guys in the band has completely turned me off. In saying that I still adore the old stuff and would love a piece of Jon from the Livin’ On A Prayer video Hahahaha 😜😜


    1. Yes, I forgot that the band members are basically his employees. Dick.


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