Sunday Sessions, Soundtrack to my life: SHEILA E.

I told you all about Prince, and that story isn’t complete without including my love for percussionist extraordinaire Sheila E., a purple protege.

Musician Sheila E. Performing on Stage

1986 — Musician Sheila E. Performing on Stage — Image by © Neal Preston/CORBIS

What I loved most apart from her music was how she emerged from the Prince stable of artists but was easily the one who best used it as a launching pad for a hugely successful solo career. She was no puppet of Prince nor a sexual plaything like some of his female artists sometimes seemed to be. She was a strong and talented woman standing on her own merits, creating her own brand of music with her own band.

A perfect example of both how much I loved her and how it was to grow up in the 80’s is the time I rented the movie Krush Groove {cult classic starring Run DMC btw, rent it!}, because Sheila E was in it, then dragged my cassette player up to the TV to record her singing. No iTunes back then kids. No YouTube. Desperate times and all that.

Her music still stands up today, if you like that kind of thing. She is still rocking, still performing, still beautiful.

Ms Escovedo: thanks for the music.

As for that movie scene I recorded back in the day? Thanks you YouTube:

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