Sunday Sessions, Soundtrack to my life: GUNS N ROSES.

Changing direction big time today.


I first heard of GNR in about 1988 from my school friend Carol who loved them and whose brother went to their concert, but it was only in about 1990 that I got into their music. I had just hit my “metal/hard rock” phase, and in a sea of hairsprayed dudes in spandex {Motley Crue, Skid Row, Poison, et al}, GNR stood out for their sheer menace. They might have been the guys everyone wanted to party with, but NOT the kind of guys you wanted to take home to meet the fam.

I remembered how good their music really is just this past week when I read Duff McKagan’s autobiography. He tells the story in a no holds barred way but with great respect for all they achieved. And I love that he still considers the band members close friends to this day. I naturally followed it up with a couple of doco’s and a few days listening to their albums again. There’s no doubt the original five members had some special kind of alchemy happening.

So while Slash tries to see through his hair, Axl gets blasted all over social media for getting old and fat {apparently}, Izzy quietly churns out great music most of us never hear, Duff writes his finance columns {true} and Steven still kicks himself for being booted out of one of the greatest bands ever, enjoy what was without doubt my number one getting-ready-for-a-night-out song.

And enjoy your weekend.


  1. Aaaaah definitely a part of my childhood! They all seemed like such cool dudes, especially Slash! I don’t really know much about them and would love to read up on them. Would you recommend his book?


    1. I would definitely recommend it. X.


  2. “Welcome To The Jungle” scared me because it reminded me of the movie Lean on Me which REALLY scared me and made me fear high school and teen gangs and drug dealers.


    1. It actually does have a really menacing quality. It was like my fight song as a teenager getting ready for a night out, lol. Not sure which jungle I thought I lived in.


      1. A jungle of hairspray and nail polish maybe? Did you tease your hair up? I HOPE YOU DID.


        1. I SO TEASED MY HAIR.


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