Sunday Sessions, soundtrack to my life: DUM DUM GIRLS.

Every now and then the bots behind all those “you might also like…” suggestions get it really right.

Like, spot on.


Late one night a few years ago, jumping from one link to another while watching music videos on YouTube, vodka in hand, I stumbled on a band called Dum Dum Girls. My first impression was a visual one, and I loved their look. I also loved the song I was listening to. Then the next one I clicked on, and the next one. It didn’t take long to head to the iTunes store and have a quick listen to their albums before I snapped up a bunch of stuff.

New music is a hard thing for me guys. I get SO deep into my comfort zone that I just never venture out. I usually have to have something shoved down my throat before I give it a chance.

But DDG just felt so right, so familiar, and so exactly like the stuff I loved while still having it’s own sound and style. I own all their EP’s and albums, and am looking forward to founder and frontwoman Dee Dee’s forthcoming solo album in May, reverting back to her real name and a whole new persona, as Kristin Kontrol.

I’m not sure if there will be anymore new music from DDG, but if not then it was pretty damn perfect while it lasted. I love cool chicks who rock, and here there were four of them. You know how much I love them that they own one of the slots in my car CD player and are never, under any circumstances whatsoever, removed for another artist.

Here’s one of my favourite songs, chosen with difficulty from so many. Enjoy.

Til next time.


P.S. stay tuned for an upcoming post if you love The Real Housewives of Melbourne 😉






  1. Dum Dum Girls-Another band I can thank you for introducing me to. I think you actually gave me their last album too, so, thanks again. I’m checking out the solo album now and I LOVE the first single!! If that’s any indication then the rest of the album is going to be AMAZING. How does she get such shiny hair?


    1. Yeah I like the single too. I was reading the bio and it sounds like she just wanted to be free of restrictions, so I’m really looking forward to the album.

      Her hair is like my life goal.


      1. I’m reading a little at the subpop page now. It’s SO COOL the album will be released on cassette. And the blue vinyl too though my record player is broken=(
        Her entire look is my goal…an unachievable goal perhaps but still.


        1. Definitely unachievable here, lol.

          My record player is broken too, according the sonically superior males of the house. It sounds good to me though.


            1. I do have the striped pantyhose, but not so cool on my pins…

            2. I just realized seeing your comment that part of my comment cut off. I don’t know how I managed to do that!
              I think I’d just look like a child in a Wednesday Addams costume. So unfair. I’m so not cool like her.
              I want the straight shiny hair though.
              Striped panyhose are the coooolest. You should wear them everyday!!

            3. Lol. I’ve put them on many a time but never left the house in them.

              You seem like you could pull of the Wednesday look, you so should.

            4. GIRL put those on. I think colored stockings have superpowers.

              Hmmm sometimes I do it but I don’t know if I “pull it off”! I can wear some insane makeup and I can tell people are like “Wow…ok” Life’s short though.

            5. I got as far as pairing them with high boots and a short skirt then chickened out. But you’re right, life is short. Maybe this winter…

            6. That is the spirit!

  2. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve never heard of them but I’ll be going straight to Spotify to check them out – thanks for the tip!


    1. I think you might like it. X.


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