Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: AMAYA LAUCIRICA

It was early 2011, Adalita had just released her debut solo album, and announced that she would be embarking on a tour with an artist by the name of Amaya Laucirica in the support slot.


Just before the shows I did what any normal person does before seeing an unknown artist, and I YouTubed her videos. And I really liked what I saw. The night came around, and Saturday dawned wet and cold. The rain poured down but nonetheless we packed in to The Sando at Newtown, and it was there that Amaya first blew me away. Then again the next night in The Blue Mountains followed by a decently long chat when I discovered how truly lovely and warm she is.

Amaya and her band are something altogether different. Something dreamy, something ethereal. Something shimmery and sweet, soothing and fuzzy. There are even distinct twangs of something country-ish on their first album Sugar Lights.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Amaya a few times, and I guess that colours my opinion of her. But at the end of the day her talent speaks volumes, and this is someone really special to listen to. She draws you in with her soft but deceptively rich and luscious voice, and her songs suck you right in.

Her most recent album, Sway, also features Adalita on guest vocals on a couple of songs, and I cannot wait for Amaya’s next album.

Her voice though, I can’t stress that enough. It’s just gorgeous.

She has just spent most of the last year in Berlin, so I am interested to see how that influences her sound.


She’s tiny btw. Also, I get crazy eyes when I’m excited.

For this post I wanted to share two videos this time, one from her first album, with it’s unmistakably country vibe, and one from her most recent. I think Amaya is one of those artists that will have me intrigued no matter what she does next.

Til next time,


  1. Again, another artist I need to add to the list – I seriously am stuck somewhere in 1994 hahahaha xo


    1. Lol. She lives in Melbourne too so you could probably see her more than I can!


      1. Oh awesome! I should check out the gig guide and try to catch her some time!


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