It’s all part of his rock and roll fantasy…

Okay, not sure about the title. It’s a Mudhoney lyric and it just popped into my head and I’m going with it.

So it’s Tuesday night and I got halfway through my online FOOD SAFETY SUPERVISOR course {yes, caps. It’s very important.} I’ll probably finish it tomorrow night because it’s supposed to take about four hours but you know, Facebook and blogs and vodka and all that.tumblr_nq2fhg8g6J1re3x32o1_400

My very talented and musical husband has joined a band and they rehearse every Tuesday night so I mostly try to get a bunch of work done every Tuesday but usually I get a bit done before mixing myself a drink and checking social media.

Tonight it was the FOOD SAFETY SUPERVISOR course.

{Cue big booming announcer voice.}

Actual live desk shot complete with pineapple mouse pad which a certain seven year old has WRITTEN on in pen.

 Which is mostly a lot of common sense and a fuckload of a lot of talk about bacteria and contamination. All good to know and immensely riveting on a Tuesday night.

I also bought a digital infrared thermometer and some food safe sanitiser. So sad. Give me frocks, shoes and bags PLEASE. Online shopping aint meant for sanitiser ffs.tumblr_ns5onyn7Rt1ql5yr7o1_500

I’m back on Tumblr btw. 

You know, in other random news.

I missed all the GIF’s.

Give me GIF’s.

And give me some more vodka while you’re at it.tumblr_nbogd5EMIL1svxaato1_500Plus my baby is with his grandparents at his cousins house, son number one is at Tweedy, and the other two don’t have much need for me once dinner is done.

I can hear NWA coming from my daughters room. Don’t know whether to be worried or proud.

And while I may be out of Grey Goose I am stocked up with snacks and magazines so it’s over and out for now peeps.

See ya.


  1. HA! at your food safety gear you’ve purchased. I hope you got a good deal on your sanitizer!
    What a good student on a Tuesday night. And why not down some vodka while you’re at it…whatever it takes.

    In which I use your comment section to babble about myself:
    Umm uhhh I kind of rejoined Tumblr as well. Just in the past two weeks maybe. All goofy, unnecessary garbage…y’know…reblogging Halloween things & stupid stuff for amusement. Total immaturity. In one of my classes I’m in the top row of stadium seating & when I look out it seems like almost every student is seriously looking at Tumblr on their laptops. I don’t know what to make of that or the state of higher education but I’m not alone in my boredom. Thing is, I started it to entertain myself during this particular class (bc I can’t concentrate enough during it to read) but I find myself browsing on it at odd times of the night anyway. Whoops. I said I would not do that. Let this not be a slippery slope down into other social media thingies & time wasters, I tell myself.

    Husband in a band is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

    I know you don’t watch NY but:
    Your Bethany Frankel gif reminds me of the time, last season I think, that while at dinner one of the other “Housewives” began to say “so and so felt left out of” and Bethany pretended to start napping with her hands and head on her own shoulder because she was so immediately bored to death and annoyed at the oncoming accusation and heart-to-heart that would surely ensue. It was sooooooo rude (and hilarious)… I’m gonna try that sometime.


    1. “the state of higher education…” Lol.

      I have started to watch NY but I don’t know what happened but I never finished. But I liked Bethany. I’ve even tried her Skinny Girl margarita. Very skinny.

      What’s your tumblr handle?


      1. oh duuuuhhh I meant to leave it: availableonvhs
        I’ve watched and enjoyed but I prefer the last several seasons which is a different cast except original Ramona and Luanne andnow Bethany is back. If you ever try again just start with the season from 2012 whichever that was.


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