Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: MADONNA.

An extra special entry to the series today.

I am both old enough and fortunate enough to have witnessed the birth of the career of the juggernaut that is Madonna. The very early 80’s gave us all manner of weird and wonderful musicians, bands, and songs, and not all good. And out of the pile of crap that kept being released that whole decade, there was one woman who stood so far above and ahead of the pack that it was never even a competition.

Madonna OWNED the 80’s guys.


I was warned, by my very unfeminist mother, to stay away from her music because she was, and I quote, “a tramp”. Maybe not everyone wants their ten year old daughter singing “like a virgin… touched for the very first time”  but personally, after having to listen to my own kids sing along to Eminem and Rihanna, I’d take Madonna any day.


And while I have kind of lost interest in her recent releases {I’m still stuck at Vogue for cryin’ out loud 😉 }, I still love that she is going strong, kicking up controversy and stirring up heated opinion after more than three decades in the public eye. She recently toured Australia and there was a lot of coverage given to the fact that at some shows she took to the stage three hours late. She was unapologetic, saying that people had simply left too early. She went on to play until the wee hours of the morning, and the fans who stuck around definitely left ecstatic.

That’s some punk rock shit right there.

Not since the GNR glory days has anyone dared to strut onto stage that late and refuse to give a shit.

The bold brazen attitude has been a trademark since she burst onto an unsuspecting music industry complete with bushy brows, mesh tops, and bridal dresses accessorised with crucifixes. She was completely original, and always will be.

Here’s one song of many by Madonna that I’ve absorbed right into my marrow. Way too many to choose from.

And while I loved the Whitneys and the Mariahs and the Janets, at the end of the day there’s a very good reason that:


Have a good one guys.


  1. So many Madonna memories! The thing with her is that so many (new) artists time and again are compared to her talent & genius and they never seem to measure up no matter how successful their careers are. There is no “new” Madonna. Madonna is Madonna. I also love that she’s lent much support to Britney Spears over the years and then collaborated with her instead of engaging in the spiteful & tabloid quotable competition that people love to ignite between artists. I never never never ever ever ever get sick of her music either. I’ll agree with you there’s some new stuff that hasn’t done it for me but honestly I haven’t even heard it-specifically her last album. The last album I even bought by her was Hard Candy which must’ve been about 10 years ago. Did you read her brother’s book “My Life with My Sister Madonna” or whatever it is called (I forget the exact title)?
    I think my Mom probably thought she was a tramp too! Though I only have a vivid memory of my Mom calling Liv Tyler a slut. Anyway, she actually liked Madonna’s music and so I got to listen to it and watch her movies without any trouble and I’m grateful because I had friends that were definitely banned from all things Madonna.

    You can never go wrong when Madonna comes on the radio or packing a Madonna mix for a road trip or long flight.


  2. Yup, she’s definitely Queen!! Thankfully she didn’t keep us waiting too long hahahaha


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