Going vegan: am I really doing this?

I’m really excited.

You know when you’ve been thinking about something for so long but just not quite ready to make changes?

I’ve been super frustrated with myself lately on the food front. It seems like since the new year began I’ve lost all control and all the sensible choices I was making last year have long flown out the window. I’ve been eating all the wrong things and feeling like crap physically and mentally. The weight has been creeping on and my confidence has been sinking lower with each kilo gained.

The other night it all came to a head, and in a surprising way. It started with one photo on instagram. Then another post about duck shooting. All those Facebook videos about live exports that I don’t have the stomach to watch came to mind. And as I thought of how bloody good the few vegans I know look the notion of change began whispering in my mind.

 I started doing some research: what do vegans eat and why do they make such a big decision?

In the end I made the decision to go for it. I’ve set myself a thirty day vegan challenge, with the aim of making it permanent. The benefits health wise as well as ethically are something I just don’t think I can ignore any longer.

A few days in might not be the right time to shout it from the rooftops, but you know, EXCITEMENT. Plus I really just know I am ready for this.

I have the definite advantage of working in a kitchen, so I have a lot of say in what I eat. Dinner has been interesting and I’ve really had to get my family on board, because they’re not used to me eating something different to everyone else.

So far so easy, and I think that’s because I’m really determined and motivated to do this. The last few months I’ve been trying to exercise some willpower and not eat crap, with zero success. But the second I decided to go vegan I’m not even remotely tempted by anything I can’t eat. Go figure.

There’s still so much to learn, and I’m sure there will be tricky situations ahead. But it kind of feels like, now that the decision has been made there’s no going back. Almost like it’s out of my hands.

Will I become that annoying person on her soapbox boring everyone with why she’s gone vegan? I hope not, and to be honest I’m already not looking forward to all the questions from friends and all the explaining I’ll need to do. And I don’t think I will bother trying to explain it to everyone. To each her own.

But I will just mention how relieved I am that vodka and tequila are made from plants and vegetables.

Cheers to that.



  1. So cool! I hope everybody in your life is supportive and sees it as a positive change. I saw an episode of Oprah once that talked about how people can surprise you by getting critical and defensive when you make changes such as going vegan or vegetarian or another diet or lifestyle switch and it’s often because they feel inconvenienced. So, if you run into any trouble, just remember it’s that person’s personal issue and not a valid judgement of you!=) OMG if you had a blog called Vodka & Vegetables or something chronicling your journey that would rule or are you just going to do it on this one? You could name the series Vodka & Vegetables. That is so darn catchy–and you came up with accidentally.

    Anyway, good luck once again and glad to hear it’s so far, so easy.


    1. OMG VODKA VEGAN!!!!! You are fucking brilliant. I was going to do it here but tossed up for a minute starting new…

      I am expecting some jokes and eye rolling, but to be perfectly honest I have done the same. I was like, why can’t vegans eat eggs when it doesn’t hurt them to lay it and stuff like that. And I don’t want anyone to feel inconvenienced but we shall see.

      Off to play around with the words vodka and vegan. Stay tuned…


      1. Oh god, I hope you’re spared the eye rolling. It’s like you’re up on some high horse either so I hope people will respond kindly to you. I’ve had some interesting questions and a woman I worked with claimed she’d never heard of vegetarianism and it was “weird.” It’s interesting…
        Y’know what though if you had questions before (like eggs) that just means you wondered and that’s good because it makes you open minded and you’ll understand when people ask those same questions or make remarks. Unless somebody was raised a vegan then they didn’t use to be a vegan so we can all see where each other is coming from and how it’s a journey (gag me for that corny line) and I think and it’s a good way to open up discussion if somebody is curious about your diet and truly wants to know more. I think. I mean, right? I don’t know! I hope it goes well.


    2. Vodka and three veg? Vodka and vegetables? The vegan vodka lover? Can I still drink vodka?

      Your thoughts please. TIA. xxx


      1. I like your original Vodka Vegan, that’s catchy.


        1. I like your vodka and vegetables. Vodka vegan sounds like a brand. It’s happening!


  2. Good luck! I’ve currently been vegetarian for a week in hopes of being vegan. That vegan leap was way to big for me to take all at once. I only lasted a week and I was so hungry and cranky. But I can’t cook, so I’m sure you’ll do much better. Could you post any recipes that are your go-to meals or are quick to make??


    1. Hi vegetarian girl! Good on you btw. I’m now actually planning to set up a new blog and I’d say there will definitely be recipes there. Good luck with everything!


    2. Update: you can find the new blog at https://vodkaandvegetables.wordpress.com/


  3. Good luck with this Ana, I’m so impressed!! In my heart of hearts I would choose to be vegan because of the whole animal thing but at the same time I’m lazy and I love bacon. Well done you and I can’t wait to see what recipes you come up with on the new blog.


    1. Thanks hun. It’s proving way easier than I thought it would, but I am pretty fired up atm, lol.


  4. Thats so awesome–congratulations on going vegan! 🙂


    1. Thanks Miche!


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